Gwyneth Paltrow Suffered From Adrenal Fatigue—and It Helped Inspire a New Goop Business

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When Gwyneth Paltrow started showing signs of adrenal fatigue—feeling completely depleted of energy, with dark under-eye circles and brain fog—she turned to her trusted friend and physician, Alejandro Junger, MD. He knew exactly what her body needed because it was something he had experienced himself years ago.

"Adrenal fatigue is a world epidemic that's not tested by Western doctors until it's so extreme that it requires hospitalization—but there's a whole spectrum of intensity to get there, which is where most people fall," Dr. Junger says.

"Adrenal fatigue is a world epidemic..."

Since there was no established protocol for the condition, he developed one himself—and it came in handy years later, when Paltrow came to him for advice. "She tried this formula herself," Dr. Junger adds.

Now, Paltrow's sharing a way to prevent or treat adrenal fatigue more broadly with today's launch of Goop Wellness, a supplement line created by the star-turned-lifestyle tastemaker—and the MDs she's personally worked closely with.

Here's what you need to know about Paltrow's entrance into the (super-curated) supplement game.

Goop Wellness
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Like all things Goop-related, the packaging is impeccably designed—you won't mind leaving a box of them out on your uber-organized kitchen counter—and what comes inside the single-portioned packs toes the line between mainstream and medically fringe (you'll find vitamin D alongside adaptogenic herbs, for example).

Besides the adrenal fatigue vitamin pack, aptly called Why Am I So Effing Tired, there are three others: Balls In The Air (for immunity), High School Genes (to keep metabolism balanced), and The Mother Load (aiding with post-natal depletion), each developed with a different in-demand doctor.

"Gwyneth is not only a great person and good friend, but she also has access to so many things and then has the ability to broadcast them all over the world, which impacts the lives of many people," Dr. Junger says, adding that he was thrilled when Paltrow came to him with the idea for Goop Wellness.

"The doctors that crafted these regimes are all people Paltrow has worked with."

While the good-life guru was involved in coming up with all four vitamin lines, having either experienced each condition herself or hearing about it from her friends, she's perhaps closest to the adrenal fatigue treatment. Here's what worked for Paltrow—and what Dr. Junger formulated the line to include: A blend of phytonutrients (derived from plants that Dr. Junger says activate good cellular communication), good fatsashwagandha and holy basil (both adaptogens, helping the body deal with stress), and glycerated licorice (which is said to give adrenals a boost).

So, how much will popping pills, Paltrow-style, set you back? Each regimen is $90 a month, or $240 for three months.

"The doctors that crafted these regimes are all people Paltrow has worked with and known for a long time," Dr. Junger says. "And now she's sharing them with everyone." Well, everyone whose budget includes a line item for high-end vitamins.

Here's what to look for when you're shopping for supplements. And while you're revamping your wellness routine, insiders say these items are worth the splurge.

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