Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Fragrance Is the Boyfriend Jean of the Perfume World

Photo: Instagram/@gwynethpaltrow
When I heard the news that Gwyneth Paltrow was launching a fragrance with goop, I wasn't surprised to hear that it's completely natural (coming from the creative director of natural makeup line Juice Beauty and, of course, goop's skin-care). But I was really intrigued by the scent—described as "a crackling fire in the winter" and "a library," it wasn't what I had expected of a celebrity fragrance (especially from the seemingly always bright and sunny star).

goop fragrance
Photo: Goop

When I ripped open Edition 01—Winter 2016's ($165) minimalist-chic packaging, I found that the scent certainly lived up to its tagline: "a perfume of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet."

Paltrow describes the blend of ingredients as healing and entrancing, and each individual plant that comprises the scent is "alive." (The scent does last, and throughout the day I'll catch whiffs of different woodsy notes that actually smell sharper than being in a snowy Vermont log cabin.)

But the coolest thing about Edition 01? It's totally uni-sexy (which is why it's essentially the boyfriend jean of fragrances). Its mysterious blend of citrus, patchouli, clove, and red cedar (among other winter-evoking ingredients) can appeal to men just as well as women, and I have a feeling that once my boyfriend gets a whiff of it he's going to sneak it into his side of the bathroom cabinet...

“Our thought was every essence, every herb in this thing has properties that affect people in such amazing ways," Paltrow says on goop. "Let’s explore them, and call them out. It’s this sexy sort of magic.”

And magical it is—who doesn't want to smell like the coziest setup ever?

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