The *One* Beauty Product Top Trainers Use to Refresh in a Hurry

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As I pedal along in Samantha J’s SoulCycle class, I can’t help but wonder how she makes it look so effortless. From my front-row bike she appears calm and collected as she flips her (perfectly tousled) hair back and forth to Drake’s “God’s Plan.” I look at myself in the mirror and my skin is bright and blotchy and my curly strands are plastered to my forehead with sweat.

I'm half trying to stay on beat and half contemplating how she looks so flawless mid-spin. Because if I'm chasing the post-workout glow, she's managed to master it during the workout. It's a trend that I see no matter which studio I'm frequenting, and it got me thinking. What are the mood-boosting, skin-saving products that women in the fitness industry turn to time-and-time again to freshen up between classes and keep themselves feeling flawless? Here, six fitness pros share the elixirs and rouges that have been game-changing in their regimens.

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Active argan oil
Photo: Active

Megan Roup at The Sculpt Society: Active Argan Tinted Bronzing Oil Drops for Face & Body, $40

“When I teach, I like to have a little something on my face because it’s like a mini performance. These bronzing drops are oil-based so they give you a glow and a little coverage while also hydrating," Roup tells me. "With skin care, keeping it simple yet effective gives you a better outcome than using over-processed products.”

Lumion skin serum
Photo: Lumion Skin

Bethany C. Meyers at be.come: Lumion Oxygen Serum + HOCL, $42

“I’ve been using this serum for over a year, and it has allowed me to wash my face more, whereas before cleansing would dry me out, so I wouldn’t be able clean my face often," she says. "The texture of my skin has really changed: I used to have little bitty whitehead bumps, which are now gone; plus, my pores look smaller, and I feel like I don’t have to wear as much makeup."

Eucalyptus body wash
Photo: Malin & Goetz

Samantha J at SoulCycle: Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Body Wash, $22

“Working out is your time to shake things off,” she says. “So, I like to be cleansed and makeup-free when riding, and I also like to take a body shower before class. This body wash is my favorite. It smells great and makes you feel clean yet moisturized.”

Balancing mist
Photo: Naturopathica

Jess Sims at The Fhitting Room: Naturopathica Lavender Honey Balancing Mist, $32

“I used to wash my face with a salicylic acid cleanser after every class, which was way too harsh on my skin,” explains Sims. “Now, to avoid stripping it, I balance out my pH by spritzing this mist on my face between teaching. We lose a lot of moisture when we sweat and this spray helps hydrate and protect my skin. Plus, the honey and lavender scent is both uplifting and relaxing.”

Ilia lipstick
Photo: Ilia

Anna Kaiser at AKT: Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang, $26

“I don’t wear face makeup during class, but I love to start with a little pop of color on my lips. This one helps keep my lips moisturized and it’s organic, which I love because I wind up eating it off from sweating, licking my lips, and speaking into the microphone," says Kaiser. "It’s important to make sure the products you use are really clean and add to the integrity of your skin.”

Perfume oil
Photo: Le Labo

Nicole Winhoffer at The NW Method: Le Labo Lys 41 Perfume Oil, $144

“This [perfume] oil makes me feel like a beautiful flower,” says Winhoffer. "The texture has the perfect consistency: It’s not too thick and not too thin. Plus, it’s a blend of my three favorites: jasmine, tuberose, and absolute lily.”

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