This Simple Trick Motivates Hailee Steinfeld to Work Out When She’d Rather Do Anything Else

Photo: Instagram/@haileesteinfeld
No fitness playlist is complete without a girl-power anthem or two. Case in point: Hailee Steinfeld's ultra-catchy and equally inspiring "Most Girls," which can help any workout warrior get through the last quarter mile of a challenging treadmill sweat sesh.

So it stands to reason that the vocalist has a go-to trick of her own for those days when hitting the gym or even rolling out a mat for an at-home yoga practice feels arduous. "When it comes to working out, it’s the last thing you want to do when you come home from work," Steinfeld, who's currently traveling the globe on her Witness tour, tells me. "The thought of going for a run or going to the gym is just, like, painful. But there’s something about the feeling you have right after it’s over." For her, that sense of accomplishment makes it all feel worth it.

"If I’m not necessarily in the mood [to work out], I’m like, think about how you’re going to feel afterward." —Hailee Steinfeld

The Academy Award nominee—who just partnered with Mission on a line of ready-to-sweat apparel—is definitely onto something (hello, post-yoga high). But as she's quick to point out, working out when you're just not feeling it is basically a dress rehearsal for showing up to all parts of your life—fitness and beyond. In fact, she says that notion of doing what you know will feel good later despite not wanting to invest the time or energy in the present is "what drives everything." "If I’m not necessarily in the mood [to work out], I’m like, think about how you’re going to feel afterward," she says. And, thanks to a healthy combo of endorphins and the positive vibes that stem from taking time for self-care, the answer is you'll likely feel awesome.

So whether you're thinking about asking for a raise, giving your home a Marie Kondo makunder, or simply getting to (and crushing) your spin class—make like Steinfeld and imagine how accomplished your future self will feel after finishing the task at hand (or rather, mind).

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