See Your Hair Colorist, Stat—These Trends Are Going to Be Huge in 2020

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As the people in my life like to point out, I've more or less had the same hairstyle since I first sprouted strands; however, no matter how many people pressure me, I'm never abandoning my toddler bangs. They're my thing. I love them. Let it go. However, I do like to frequently experiment with the color of my hair. Switching it up can be an especially bold way to welcome the 12 months ahead, which is why I want to stay up on the hair color trends in 2020.

After all, changing the color of your hair can effect how you feel. For example, when my typically dyed strands revert back to brunette (aka: my natural color), I, too, feel like I revert back to a middle school, flute-playing, braces-wearing version of myself. And while my go-to hue has always been some play on blonde, this year I'm eyeing trend number four below. Here, a pro colorist predicts the biggest color trends of 2020—from low-key to bold—so you can try out a new look in the new year (if you want to, that is). Keep scrolling for all the inspo.

The top hair color trend predictions for 2020

Chocolate: "Chocolate color or, as I like to call it, 'choclayage', is definitely going to make waves in 2020," says Linet K., an LA-based celebrity hairstylist. "It's a rich brunette balayage."

Dimensional color: "Rooty, dimensional color [will be big in 2020]," says Linet K. Dimensional color plays with your natural hair color as the base, and because it doesn't start right at the scalp, it requires very little maintenance and always looks well-blended wherever it is in the growth cycle.

Bronde: "Bronde is coming back," says Linet K. "It's not quite blonde and not quite brunette, but the best of both worlds." Kristina Tabb, co-founder of Los Angeles-based salon Tabb & Sparks refers to this color as "wheatie blonde" and explains that it incorporates cool, warm, and natural tones in one hue. It's a great option for blondes who want to tone down their highlights, and an easy way for brunettes to bring more warmth and richness to their hair.

Honey blonde: "Honey blonde is also going to be a trend," Linet K. says. "It's a warm and sun-kissed" version of blonde that taps into rich, red-based golds rather than the cool blue-based blondes we've been seeing with the rise and reign of platinum renditions.

Auburn: Tabb also predicts that auburn will be big in 2020, noting that rich, deep red-brown tones (think Emma Stone, Karen Gillian, or Elizabeth Olsen) add warmth to a brunette and work well for a blonde who wants change (me!). "Auburn is a solid go-to for 2020 that you can play with—from dark tones to lighter auburn," which can add depth and dimension.

Once you've got your fresh hue, make sure to avoid doing this one thing (your stylist begs you!) Then, resuscitate your (soon-to-be) color-damaged hair overnight with this antioxidant-spiked serum

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