How to Wash Your Hair in Humid Weather to Yield the Least Frustrating Results

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It's hot out. I don't know about you, but lately, every time I step outside, I wonder if it would feel different at all if I were entering an actual oven. But this pervasive heat isn't confined to kitchen meal-prepping seshes—it's all of New York City, and I'm destined to sweat profusely. Every day. So, as fun as the #99DaysofSummer may very well be, I've gotta spew some #realtalk: These temps are taking a toll on my beauty routine.

Yes, my makeup's melting off—but I'm used to that (and stick with a light tinted moisturizer anyway). Rather, it's my hair that's really having a tough time. My strands? Dry and damaged. My roots? Brittle. The heat's definitely flexing its hellishy hot (and by hot, I don't mean sexy) muscles, so I turned to experts for tips to help save my scalp from losing the battle of its life this summer.

"Humidity causes your hair to frizz, which leads people to use more heat style tools on their hair," says Arthur Shamalov, senior stylist and co-owner of Eddie Arthur Salon in NYC. "This is what then causes even more damage and it dries out your hair." The good news? There's an easy solution—and it's all in how you wash your tresses. The key is sticking to the roots.

"In this humidity, try to only use shampoo on your roots and rinse it through, so it won't dry out the hair."  —Whistle Salon rep

"In this humidity, try to only use shampoo on your roots and rinse it through, so it won't dry out the hair," says a rep from Whistle Salon in NYC. "You should only scrub the roots because it can help remove impurities, flakes, and build-up from the dirt and oils from your scalp," Shamalov adds. "They're likely to weigh your hair down."

Another hot tip? Careful with how you towel off your locks. "To avoid drying out your strands after washing your hair, don’t rub them dry," says Shamalov. "You will ruffle the surface, which will create frizz. Instead squeeze out water with an absorbent towel."

Okay, humidity—try me again. I'm ready now.

Now that you're set with how to wash your hair in humidity, this is how often to do it period in the summer. Plus, here's what happens when you stop washing your hair at all

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