This Five-Minute, Spa-Worthy Hair Treatment Tamed My Frizz Better Than Any Product Ever Has

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This time of year, frizz is my sworn enemy number one. It is the Joker to my Batman, the Heidi Montag to my Lauren Conrad, the Kristin Cavallari to my Lauren Conrad, the Spencer Pratt to my...  anyway, you get the picture.

Unlike sweat, which I can wipe-and-deodorize away, if frizz sets in midday there is literally nothing I can do about it until I get home and am reunited with my straightener.

Since the only way to really deal with frizz is to prevent it, I have dedicated a lot more hours than I would like to admit trying to figure out the best ways to do this (thankfully, as a beauty editor, this is technically considered "work."). I've tried using special conditioners, anti-humidity sprays, and more serums than most people would need to sample in a lifetime, all to varying degrees of success.

But then this morning, I went to an event announcing the launch of "Together Beauty," a clean, natural haircare brand that just launched at Sephora, and the team introduced me to a frizz-fighting method that really, really worked. As in, I walked 20 New York City blocks in 92-degree heat (gotta get those steps in!) and my blowout still looked perfect when I got to the office.

According to brand founder Sam Brocato, using a hair mask and letting it sit for five minutes under a dry towel is the ultimate way to get rid of frizz. "Hair masks smooth, strengthen, and deposit moisture into dry strands," he explains adding that naturally dry, frizzy hair becomes calmer, and damaged, bleached, colored hair can actually be strengthened and rebuilt with regular treatments. I used the Together Beauty Crown and Glory Smoothing Mask ($28), and all I have to say is, dayum.

While there's no doubt that using a hair mask on its own can work wonders, there's an added frizz-fighting benefit of letting it sit beneath a towel for a few minutes. "The warmth and moisture of the towel expands the hair shaft, allowing for deeper penetration of essential ingredients," says Brocato. Plus, ya know, it also makes you feel like you're a guest at an ultra-luxurious spa, which certainly doesn't hurt. Instead of a warm towel, you can also slather on the mask in the shower and put a shower cap on, and the steam should do the same trick.

Then, all you have to do is take the towel (or shower cap off), massage your scalp for two minutes (... see? I told you you'd feel like you were at a spa) and rinse. You can top it off with the Together Beauty Flower Supply Hair Oil ($45). Repeat once a week for your smoothest, shiniest hair ever.

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