Blake Lively’s Hairstylist Only Uses 4 Products to Achieve Her Lustrous, Wavy Mane

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Whether you yearned for Blake Lively's enviable beach waves during her time as Upper East Side socialite Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl or you tried to re-create her more recent ’80s-style curls, a universal truth is that the boss babe has amazing hair. And, surprisingly, her longtime hairstylist relies on just four—at most—products to work with her flawless strands.

"At most, I'll have a few things on the table, including plump spray, an oil, a shine spray, and a hairspray." —Rod Ortega, celebrity hairstylist

Rod Ortega—the hair guru who masterminded some of her most famous looks including last night's Met Gala getup—is first to admit that his client is blessed with naturally gorgeous hair. In an interview with Refinery29, he said Lively's hair is already so healthy and long that he adheres to the same "less is best" method that keeps Angelina Jolie's complexion so glowy. That minimalist rule of scalp applies to her #BlakeWaves that, yes, are so iconic, they have their own hashtag.

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Instead of piling on the products and weighing down her look, Ortega says he sticks to a short product list. "At most, I'll have a few things on the table, including plump spray, an oil, a shine spray, and a hairspray," he says. And that's great news because it means copying her signature waves could actually be easier than you might think.

Start by blow-drying your hair using your fingers, then finish drying by brushing out your hair from the mid-length to the ends with a two-inch-wide round brush, he told ElleNext, spritz hairspray all over. After it dries, brush it out and curl your hair with a one-inch barrel for her classic beachy waves (FYI, T3's Whirl Trio is Ortega's go-to).

To give your strands serious shine, rub a drop of hair oil, like a hydrating one from S.oil, between your hands and pull through your locks from mid-length to the ends. If you want a little extra volume, grab some texturizing spray, and apply it to the ends. After a little more hairspray, you're good to go.

Who knows? By replicating Ortega's small treasure trove of trustworthy products, your dream of having Lively-worthy strands might just come true.

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