Get Ready: You’re About to See These Hair Trends Everywhere This Spring

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When the snow (or sooty slush, in New York City's case) starts to melt and the sun peeks out from that dense layer of winter fog, you tend to crave a refresh on your look—to match your changing surroundings. Spring's the proverbial time of rebirth, so it's apropos that one would use this as an opportunity for a fresh hair cut or dye job.

But spring hair trends are a dime a dozen, so in order to wade through what happened on the runway—from '90s comebacks to messy topknots—I chatted with Arsen Gurgov, a NYC-based celebrity hairstylist (to stars like Emmy Rossum and Kathie Lee Gifford) with an eponymous salon to get intel on what's really going to be all over your feeds come spring. Spoiler alert: You'll be able to coordinate your hair color with your athleisure.

Keep reading for the four hair trends that are about to be everywhere.

Scrunchies galore

As you saw on the latest runways, scrunchies are no longer classified as something you'd "never see on women in New York," as Carrie Bradshaw affirmed a decade ago. To the contrary, "you'll see a lot of scrunchies," says Gurgov.  So keep them on-hand (literally) for your workout and post-workout looks. (Nice knowing ya, hair ties.)

Fun pastels

As the mercury rises, get ready for sorbet-hued hair. "In terms of color, there will be a lot of pastel," says Gurgov. "Kim Kardashian just did pink, so a lot of those colors, depending on your skin tone." He suggests warmer toned pastels (such as KKW's pink) if you have warmer-toned skin and a brighter pop of color on the strands if your complexion's cooler-toned.

Texturizing haircuts

That piecey, layered look that you see every time that you open Instagram is making its way to a stylist's chair near you. "Everything will be more texturized," he says. "You'll still see the lob and bob but with more texture, so they will come across differently—with lots of layers, more tousled." This will help to accentuate waves and curls so that they can look even more pronounced.

Baby bangs

Bangs—AKA the number one thing you contemplate when you're tired of your existing hairstyle—are having a moment. "Bangs are in," claims Gurgov. "It's now starting to move towards the baby bang, but more defined." Just look at Emma Roberts and Emma Watson, both of whom embraced the short cut as a way to a fresh, modern vibe. Ready for spring? You'd better believe it.

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