According to Astrology, You Should Be Celebrating Your Half Birthday—Here’s How, Based on Your Sign

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No matter how you celebrate your birthday—whether you like to go all out with a rager, commemorate it in a more laid-back way, or consciously opt out of acknowledging it because it gives you the blues—your solar return likely isn't something you straight-up ignore. Even if just subconsciously, there's a significance most folks have surrounding their birthday. And according to astrology, your half birthday is also worth honoring.

Half birthdays occur in the sign opposite to our sun sign, says astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan. For example, if you’re an Aquarius sun, your half birthday is during Leo season. Energetically speaking, Monahan says our solar opposite sign can be great at helping us create more balance and harmony in our lives because it highlights what we don’t yet have. (It's part of why the saying "opposites attract" may have some credence.) So, the astrology of your half birthday can bring awareness to the energy that might be beneficial in your life.

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Read on to learn the astrology of your half birthday. Using your sun sign, learn the zodiac sign in which your half birthday lands, and then get tips on the best way to celebrate having made it to the halfway point of your solar return.

How to celebrate your half birthday, according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Honor other people in your life

Aries folks are, by nature, self-oriented. And since their half birthday takes place in Libra season (aka the sign of the scales), Monahan says their celebration should hinge on bringing balance to self-focused tendencies. One way Aries can do this is by honoring and celebrating other people in their life, such as by taking a friend out to a nice meal. “Put the focus on them, not you,” she says.

Taurus: Do something outside of your comfort zone

Taurus folks often enjoy taking a path of ease, and being a fixed Earth sign, they are also known to sometimes get stuck, Monahan says. With that in mind, their half birthday in Scorpio season is an opportunity to break out of that pattern. “As Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars, their half birthday is about taking action to break a habit or initiate a change that is important for them,” she says. “Time to go beyond your comfort zone.”

Gemini: Book a trip

Gemini’s half birthday happens in Sagittarius season, a sign that Monahan notes as being particularly highbrow. Sag is all about adventure, traveling, and education. So, she suggests Gemini folks celebrate their half birthday by sticking to that theme with plans like booking a trip or going to the theater.

Cancer: Think about your legacy

“Ruled by the emotional moon, Cancer is always up in its emotions,” Monahan says. “Its half birthday falls in earthy and ever-practical Capricorn season.” For this reason, she says Cancer’s half birthday is a great opportunity to block off some time and think about their work, legacy, and what they want to leave behind.

Leo: Volunteer for a cause you care about

Monahan says Leo is known as having a healthy sized ego, so it’s no coincidence that their half birthday occurs in egoless Aquarius season. “Aquarians prefer the altruistic pursuits of humanitarianism,” she says. Volunteering for a cause close to their heart is an excellent way for Leos to celebrate their half birthday.

Virgo: Make plans to have no plans

Pisces, in which Virgo’s half birthday takes place, teaches “Virgo to open up, trespass on the side of fun and love, and forgo the overly practical in favor of the boundless, slightly messy nature of love,” Monahan says. In other words, their half birthday is about letting loose. One way to do this is? Schedule a night out with no agenda other than having fun.

Libra: Go on a solo date

Monahan says that Libra naturally approaches life with harmony and balance, so their half birthday in “rash and brash Aries season” means getting a little wild. “It’s a reminder for these natives to practice being more decisive, direct, and self-orientated at this time,” she says. “A nice way to celebrate is to take yourself out on a solo date [and] pamper your needs and your demands.”

Scorpio: Celebrate the love in your life

Scorpio’s half birthday falls in Venus-ruled Taurus season. “Your half birthday is more about making love, not war,” Monahan says. “This is a really nice time to focus on relationships and celebrating love in your life. If single, it’s an excellent time to check in on your goals with love.”

Sagittarius: Throw a party for your neighbors

Sagittarius celebrates its half birthday during the Gemini season. “While Sagittarius gets associated with foreign lands and adventures, Gemini enjoys staying closer to home,” Monahan says. “It’s associated with our neighborhood and community.” One way she suggests celebrating is by doing something for your community, such as throwing a soiree for your neighbors or getting involved in a neighborhood cause.

Capricorn: Show love to your loved ones

Emotional displays of affection are not typically Capricorn’s thing, Monahan says. But, since their half birthday lands in the season of Cancer, known to be among most emotional and caring signs, she says the half birthday marks an opportunity to be in their feeling. Tell those close to you how much you mean to them.

Aquarius: Put yourself in the spotlight

Monahan notes that Aquarius is associated with group energy and doing what’s best for the collective. So for this sign's half birthday, in Leo season, she suggests instead embracing Leo’s selfless energy. Aquarius can do this by throwing a big party to celebrate themselves or doing something else that puts them in the spotlight in a big way.

Pisces: declutter and get organized

As a mutable water sign, Pisces loves to go with the flow, Monahan says. But when their half birthday rolls around during orderly Virgo season, it’s a great time to bring some of that organizational energy into their lives by spending the day decluttering and tidying up. Even if on face value it's not the most fun and exciting way to celebrate a half birthday, she says Pisces folks will feel amazing afterward.

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