3 Killer Kettlebell Moves Halle Berry Nails Using Just a Gallon Jug of Water

Photo: Getty Images/Dipasupil
If you're ready to sweat, but don't have fitness accessories (read: resistance bands, medicine balls, and dumbbells) on hand, you basically have two options. You could put off your workout until tomorrow, or you can emulate Halle Berry and transform everyday household objects into your make-shift gym equipment. (The latter! Go for the latter!)

The celeb posted an Instagram story of her performing three killer kettlebell moves. Only, instead of using an actual kettlebell, the actress appears to have grabbed a gallon of water straight out of her fridge for her sweat sesh. You know, so she can kill it in her workout and then stay extra hydrated once its over. With the jug in hand (in place of the kettlebell), Berry moves through a triple-threat of weighted exercises.

1. Swing jump: Standing with your feet in a squatting position, hold the jug with both hands and swing it underneath your legs while squatting. Then, send the jug towards the sky and jump up.

2. Kettlebell get ups: Start in a squatting position, holding the jug in front of your chest with both hands. Place one shin at at a time on the ground, and come into a kneeling position. Then come back to your squat.

3. Overhead rows: Stand straight with your feet hips-width distance apart. Hold the jug in one hand, then push it up to the sky. Lower back down your elbow falls at your hip joint.

We don't ever see Berry take a swig of that glorious H2O once the sequence is over, but IMO, it doesn't seem like a terrible hydration strategy. And regardless, it makes the home gym feel all the more like a reality.

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