7 Super-Attainable Habits Halle Berry Swears by to Stay Healthy

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If you follow Berry on Instagram, you know the 50-something actress (how is that possible?) is super into fitness. The Oscar winner-turned-action hero—who's still the only black woman to win an Academy Award for best actress, BTW—frequently posts tips and hardcore workouts with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas. And yes, Berry is just as much of a buff badass in real life as she is on screen.

And on top of that, she's a regular pro when it comes to healthy eating and making self-care a priority. And best of all: She's generous with advice! (Which is great, because who doesn't want to get Halle-healthy?) With a fierce wellness résumé like that, she's got a lot to share—and these are the seven health habits the ageless superstar relies on year in, year out.

1. She trains with Bulgarian bags

You know, the super-heavy sand-filled bags that are commonly used by Olympic athletes and wrestlers. No big deal. After her trainer introduced them to her, she was instantly hooked and uses them for strength training, cardio, and plyometrics. Even five minutes swinging or carrying around one of them—which can weigh up to 50 pounds—will leave you sore for days.

2. She improvises her workouts

As a huge lover of all things fitness, Berry isn't going to let a day go by without moving her body in some way. Case in point? Transforming a gallon jug of water in her fridge into a kettlebell for a sweat-inducing series of exercises. Another day, she proved you can work out anywhere as long as you have a chair, using one to do chair-ups, step-ups, v-sits, and tri-dips.

3. She unwinds by walking on black-sand beaches

A couple years ago, Berry went on an epic getaway to a black-sand beach in Tahiti (which gets its color from past volcanic explosions) with one purpose: taking the time to unwind and find inner peace. And, you know, get in an intense beach workout or two. That's something everyone should schedule in, even if it's hitting up your local infrared sauna for a quickie session after work, or ditching pent-up stress in a yoga class.

4. She has weekly wellness talks

Every Friday on Instagram Stories, Berry and Thomas have their weekly #PHITtalks, where they discuss mindfulness, diets, fitness, CBD, the immune system...you name it.

5. She's a big fan of the keto diet

Berry has been outspoken about her love of all things keto. She even has an entire Instagram Story highlight filled with her cooking tips and her favorite recipes, including avocado ice cream.

6. She has an Instagram book club

One way Berry loves to relax is through reading; You can always catch her with a good book. Because of that, she started the #HBBooksFromBed hashtag to keep her followers in the know whenever she's starting something new. Some of her favorites include Unselfie by Dr. Michele Borba—which she says is "one of the most important books of this generation"—and the thriller What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan, a page-turner that kept her up all night.

7. She practices "Treat Ya Self" Tuesday

Berry doesn't skimp on self-care. In fact, she makes sure she's practicing it on her so-called "Treat Ya Self" Tuesdays. Or Sundays. Or every day. In the past, she's shared her face masking habits, long hikes in nature, and love of drinking red wine in a bubble bath.

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