4 Travel-Friendly Exercises Halle Berry Does Using Nothing but a Chair

Photo: Getty Images/Todd Williamson for Vh1
When you go on vacation, it can be a challenge to maintain healthy habits and avoid undoing all your hard-earned fitness accomplishments. However, no need to worry about booking a hotel with a top-notch gym in order to stay in shape. As Halle Berry—AKA the queen of working out on the go—recently proved, you can do a killer workout practically anywhere, as long as you have access to one thing: a chair.

Since the actress is constantly globe-trotting, it's not uncommon for her to get creative with her sweat sessions—something that's helped her stay super-strong and toned over the years. But despite having the world's top trainers and facilities at her fingertips, Berry tends to keep things simple by taking her workouts into nature and sticking with timeless moves. (She's been known to take her fitness game to the beach, where she can use the sand to challenge her muscles even further).

During a recent trip with her family to Bora Bora, Berry exercised in a shaded hut with plenty of palm trees as her backdrop (#goals). But the laid-back vibes of her vacation spot certainly didn't stop her from getting in a solid workout: The go-to chair moves she shared via Instagram Stories are tough, and you too can adopt them for a sweat sesh wherever you are, tropics or otherwise.

Here are 4 of Halle Berry's exercises that require nothing but a chair.

1. Chair-ups

Get into push-up form, keeping your body in one straight line and holding onto the side edges of the chair with your hands. While maintaining your form, lower your body as you do a push-up into the chair until your face comes close to the seat, then slowly lift back up into your starting position.

2. V-sits

Sit toward the edge of your chair, with one hand holding each side of the seat. Bring both knees to your chest, engaging your abs as you lift. Then, still engaging your core, lower your legs out in front of you so your body is at a diagonal angle.

3. Step-ups

Stand in front of the chair and step up with one leg, then lift the opposite leg toward your chest, leaving your arms by your sides. Lower the raised leg back down to the floor, and then step down with your starting leg. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Tri-dips

Face your back toward the chair, and reach your hands down to securely hold the front edge of the seat, with arms straight and legs at a 90-degree angle. Keeping your heels planted, bend your arms at a right angle as you lower your glutes so you nearly reach the floor, then use your arm strength to lift up your body again.

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