The Most True-to-Your-Spirit Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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With Halloween just around the corner, the fun of the holiday season is set to start. And after another doozy of a pandemic year, it's couldn't come a second sooner—offering an opportunity to (safely) connect with friends and loved ones and make some happy memories. That said, deciding on a costume can sometimes be stress-inducing. Well, not to worry: For those who need inspo, why not look to the stars to help you pick a Halloween costume for your zodiac sign?

After all, our sun sign (aka the zodiac sign that aligns with our birthdate) represents our identity and most authentic self. With that in mind, Halloween presents a perfect opportunity explore parts of your authentic self via costume.

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Below, Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of the forthcoming book Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, for her recommendations on the best Halloween costume for each zodiac sign.

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer

Aries: Embrace your inner Game of Thrones character

Being the first sign of the zodiac, it's in Aries' true nature to make a statement with a striking, bold, and fiery costume. Here's an idea that will definitely tick those boxes: "Aries can dress up as the Mother of Dragons [from Game of Thrones]," Montúfar says. "Or, if Aries has a few competitive fire sign friends, they could even dress up as the key GOT characters [together]."

Taurus: Dress up like a royal

Since Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus, the ideal costume for this sign should feel elegant yet comfortable and cozy, Montúfar says. And, she adds, because Taurus is also associated with beauty, property, and money, add in some gold accents, too. To accomplish this look, Montúfar suggests dressing up as royalty. "If anyone can pull off an elaborate yet stylish queen or king costume, it's Taurus," she says.

Gemini: Create a "punny" costume

Gemini is super-witty and quick to hit you with a joke or a clever pun, Montúfar says, which is why she recommends this sun sign embraces their sense of humor with a "punny" costume. For instance, she shares, you could dress up as a "serial killer" by sticking some plastic knives in mini cereal boxes and taping the boxes to your shirt. Or, because Gemini is the twin sign, consider pairing up with a friend for a funny costume.

Cancer: Channel spooky Tim Burton characters

"Typically, Cancer would rather snuggle up to watch semi-scary Halloween movies instead of going out," Montúfar says. "But if Cancer is in the mood, then their perfect Halloween costume could be both spooky and sweet." With that in mind, she suggests looking to Tim Burton's classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween-costume inspiration.

Leo: Make a DIY jungle-themed costume

"Leo demands to be the center of attention in any setting," Montúfar says. "Halloween is the perfect time to steal the show." And, since this sign is associated with artistry and creativity, she suggests Leo makes its own costume. In particular, because Leo is related to the lion, Montúfar recommends tapping into that animalistic side with a jungle-themed costume.

Virgo: Show off your intellect

"Virgo is an intellectual zodiac sign who values communication," Montúfar says. So, she suggests turning that Virgo quality into a Halloween costume by dressing up as a character that fully embodies their intellectual side, such as a brainiac or a mad scientist. "Virgo can find a pair of suspenders, fake glasses with a bit of tape, and spurt fun facts all evening for a gimmick."

Libra: Do a couple's costume

"Libra tends to represent justice, beauty, and relationships in astrology," Montúfar says, which is why taking the couple's costume route with a partner or a friend is a fun way to go. You can't go wrong with classics like Bonnie and Clyde or Disney duos. Or, look to popular culture for trending twosomes (we're looking at you, Kravis).

Scorpio: Tap into your dark side

Given that Halloween happens during Scorpio season, this sign isn't afraid of the darkness, Montúfar says. Actually, they love it, so any costume that allows them to be mysterious or supernatural, she says, is a great option. Think: creepy, bloody costumes. The spookier and more occult, the better.

Sagittarius: Go goofy to make a statement

Sagittarius is a party animal with a boisterous presence, Montúfar says. That energy, she adds, can translate into a Halloween costume by opting for a fun, goofy, and quirky ensemble that people will remember, such as an adult baby. Alternatively, this sign can also dress up as a centaur, the half-horse, half-human mythical creature it's associated with.

Capricorn: Be the boss

Capricorn is the ultimate boss in astrology, Montúfar says, describing them as "sophisticated, classy, and entrepreneurial." To dress the part, she recommends turning your favorite "girl boss" meme into a costume, tapping into The Wolf of Wall Street vibes, or modeling your costume after a famous millionaire.

Aquarius: Do a DIY group costume

"Aquarius is associated with innovation, friendship, and humanitarianism," Montúfar says. To incorporate these characteristics into a costume, she recommends making your own costume (innovative) or also to consider doing a group costume (friendship). "Each person in the group should represent a different character or their own personality in their individual costumes, yet still look cohesive," Montúfar says.

Pisces: Embody your mystical side

Pisces is the sign that fully embraces mysticism, spirituality, and magic, Montúfar says, all of which are perfect elements to incorporate into a Halloween costume. Some ideas Montúfar recommends playing with include witches and fortune-tellers. Or, since Pisces is connected to Neptune, the planet of creativity, she also suggests looking to art for costume inspiration.

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