6 Ways to Get Into the Halloween Spirit With Creative Manicure Art

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October 31 is a bittersweet day: You spent the entire month prepping by creating pumpkin decorations, turning your athleisure into costumes, and getting in the spooky mind-set, but basically you get only one night (or a full weekend, if you're among the ambitious) to go totally HAM on Halloween.

But you know how you can celebrate the spooky season before the big day—and keep dark vibes going into November—without raising any eyebrows? Nail art, duh! Whether you're taking a self-care trip to get a mani-pedi or DIYing some of your own healthy designs using this season's 5-free trending nail polishes, let the below serve as inspiration for your Halloween nails.

Scroll below to see the best of Instagram's Halloween-inspired nail art.

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1. Charlotte's holographic web

Can you feel your spidey sense heating up?

2. Creepy-crawly

Add a spook factor to your mani with a single accent nail.

3. Batgirl fingers

Add a vampy edge to your look with a couple of bat-y accent nails.

4. Black cat nails

Crossing paths with a black kitty is bad luck…unless they're on your nails, in which case, they're fab.

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5. Dark vibes jack-o'-lanterns

When in doubt, go The Nightmare Before Christmas route.

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6. Cutesy beats creepy

After all, Casper was a friendly ghost.

Getting into the Halloween spirit? Take a quiz to help you figure out your costume, and check out these vampy makeup picks that you'll definitely wear even after the spooky season is over.

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