Lauren Conrad Just Shared the Coolest Way to Decorate Pumpkins This Year

Photo: Getty Images/Jason Merritt
The dreamiest interior design trend of 2018 isn't all those pretty blush pink accents, after all—it's the terrazzo tile that's showing up everywhere from tables in The Wing's co-working space to a bench in Mandy Moore's high-vibe home. But since bringing a mosaic masterpiece into your own space can get a little pricey (a girl can dream, right?), there's a low-cost—and super festive!—solution anyone can manage using none other than a pumpkin.

Using inspiration from Moore's designer Sarah Sherman Samuel—who used pieces of marble, granite, and quartz to get the lust-worthy design— created a display of painted pumpkins that will make you wish it was socially acceptable to leave them sitting out all year long.

It doesn't take long—or require any special Picasso-like skills!—to wind up with a gourd basking in all its terrazzo tile glory. You really only need a few items to get the job done, too: a pumpkin (duh!), some acrylic paints, and small paintbrushes. Not only is doing some painting all sorts of relaxing, but after you're finished unleashing your inner artist, you'll have some trendy new decorative object that'll surely make your guests do a double-take.

If you'd rather ditch pumpkins for pineapples, the fruity jack-o-lanterns are blowing up on Pinterest this year. Or, check out the costumed dogs that take wellness #goals to the next level.

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