Halsey Shares Her Lupus Diagnosis—Here’s What To Know About the Autoimmune Disease

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Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Halsey, shared a big news update regarding her health—and her music—on Wednesday. The electric pop singer took to her Instagram account to share that she’s been privately receiving treatment for Lupus SLE, an autoimmune disease that is known to affect nearly 200,000 Americans, since 2022 . Halsey, who uses she/they pronouns, also shared that she’s additionally been battling a rare t-cell lymphoproliferative disorder, both of which she says are now in remission.

In a series of recent Instagram posts announcing her health update, Halsey also teased a new album, expected to detail the last two years she’s been privately healing. “Long story short, I’m lucky to be alive,” the singer wrote in the caption of the post, which has now garnered over 360,000 likes. “Short story long, I wrote an album,” Halsey continued in the caption, using the post to promote her new single titled “The End”, ahead of her fifth studio album release.


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What illness does Halsey have?

Halsey confirmed that illness she has been getting treatment for is Lupus SLE, a chronic autoimmune disease, and t-cell lymphoproliferative disorder, a rare group of lymphoid tumors.  While Lupus is fairly uncommon, Halsey isn't the first celebrity to be diagnosed with the disease—Seal, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga have also been public about their personal struggles with Lupus. “In 2022, I was first diagnosed with Lupus SLE and then a rare T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder,” Halsey wrote in the caption of her Instagram post on Wednesday, June 5. “Both of which are currently being managed or in remission; and both of which I will likely have for the duration of my life,” she continued.

Lupus is a chronic illness and autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in your entire body and affects an esstimated 1.5 million Americans, per the Lupus Foundation of America. Lupus SLE (which stands for systemic lupus erythematosus), is the most common form of lupus diagnosed.

Halsey’s other diagnosis, t-cell lymphoproliferative disorder, is a rare and serious condition. Lymphoproliferative disorders are a group of diseases that cause an uncontrolled production of white blood cells, according to the National Institutes of Health. While Halsey has been quietly seeking treatment for both diagnoses, she shares, “after a rocky start, I slowly got everything under control with the help of amazing doctors. After 2 years, I’m feeling better and I’m more grateful than ever to have music to turn to.”

Does Halsey have lupus?

Yes, Halsey has Lupus. The star stated on Wednesday that she has been managing a Lupus SLE diagnosis quietly since 2022 and is currently in remission.  The autoimmune disease causes the body's immune system to attack its own healthy tissue. The chronic illness can potentially affect joints, skin, circulation and a range of organs, per the Lupus Foundation of America, and currently has no cure or known cause.

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