This Game-Changing App Is Like Uber for Personal Trainers


Whether you want to upgrade your workout or simply need the motivation to switch out of nesting mode, a personal trainer can be a life-saver. But with lofty hourly prices—and a dizzying amount of options—booking that much-needed session can feel a whole lot more daunting than ordering up the next episode on Amazon Prime.

That is, until you meet Handstand. The on-demand (or schedule ahead!) personal training app is here to make custom workouts accessible to everyone, one instant booking at a time.

Here's the deal: All you need is a smartphone and a space large enough to plank in (you can meet at one of Handstand’s participating gyms, or arrange a workout at your apartment or a local park). Choose a plan—four, eight, or ten workouts ranging from $62 to $65 per session—and you've got an hour-long, one-on-one sweat sesh with the tap of a button. Right now, the app's available in 10 locations, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston—and you can also join a small group class for $35 in select cities.

Handstand app

Members also score daily updated video and audio training (think: 5 Moves in 5 Minutes) curated by Handstand and Reebok Master Trainers plus exclusive freebies and fitness deals. Oh, and when you sign up on iPhone or Android, you'll also get an unlimited free trial week.

So who is your trainer? Valid question. Handstand vets all of its fitness pros upfront (each trainer is background checked and personally interviewed), so you can scroll through a list of certified specialists without worrying about their background or qualifications.

Which is how, one Wednesday morning, we wound up in the middle of a hardcore abs workout with personal trainer Amina Marshall. Yep, we took the app for a test-drive—and are here to report that it lives up to the hype.

Handstand app

With the app, you start by selecting location, time, and style of workout from 20 varieties. There's the usual workout-junkie fare like boxing, power yoga, and butt, legs, and core, as well as less common options, like guided meditation. (For an extra $10, you can bring your workout buddy for a pre-brunch burn sesh for two.)

Next, you can scroll through available trainers and check out their profiles, photos, and bios. After a few swipes, your session is scheduled—which basically makes it Tinder for personal trainers...with less awkward small talk, and more form-perfecting workout advice. (Finally.)

Marshall called the night before to introduce herself and make sure there were no injuries to worry about. When she showed up at 7:45 a.m. the next morning, it was game on. First up, a warm-up test to evaluate fitness level—before jumping into a non-stop abs, arm, and butt-sculpting routine (the soreness was real for the better part of two days).

With each move—from star crunches to clean lunges to monster crawls—Marshall supplied positive reinforcement and an amazing pump-up playlist. We finished with an extended stretching sesh to let muscles rest and restore.

“One-on-one training is beneficial because a lot of people tend to hurt themselves when they don't know what to do. If you have a good trainer, it will be easier for you to actually learn how to do it the right way.”

“When you’re one on one we can focus more on form,” Marshall explained. “[It's] beneficial because a lot of people tend to hurt themselves when they don't know what to do. If you have a good trainer, it will be easier for you to actually learn how to do it the right way.” 

So even if you don't spring for a private session every workout, sweating it out with a trainer a few times a month can improve your form and focus every time you hit the gym. You can work with your fave trainer over and over again, or switch things up with different fitness pros. 

In short: Whether you’re looking to move to the next level with serious coaching, or just trying to master a proper push-up, Handstand’s got your back (and abs, and arms, and butt).

Score $20 off any personal training package (choose one, five, or ten sessions) with code WELLGOOD7. That means you can snag a five-pack that never expires for $199! 

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