The 3 Better-for-You Cocktail Recipes Hannah Bronfman Mixes on the Reg

Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

With an ever-expanding resume—running her wellness site HBFit, modeling, and DJing—you might wonder when Hannah Bronfman squeezes in some fun. "On the nights that I don't have to work, I definitely try to take advantage and see my friends," she told me after a very sweaty Barry's Bootcamp workout. "[My husband] Brendan and I both prefer to entertain in our home rather than going out."

Of course, having guests over begs the question: What kind of cocktail should you serve? Bronfman has a definitive answer: "Tequila's the best." No matter if she's going out or whipping up superfood-packed dishes for her best gal pals, Bronfman prefers the agave liquor to the rest. Unsurprisingly, however, she doesn't just drink any old margarita, but instead has three delicious go-to recipes for when she wants to have a cocktail.

Keep reading for what Bronfman orders at the bar and the recipes she blends for guests at home.

hannah bronfman healthy tequila recipes
Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

The classic

"When I'm out at the bar, I just get Don Julio Blanco on the rocks with half of a lime squeezed in," says Bronfman. "I feel like it's the perfect light margarita."

The refresher

For a sprightly spin, Bronfman mixes Don Julio Blanco with mint, basil, and a twist of grapefruit. "I'll add some San Pellegrino Grapefruit," she says. "It's a light, easy take on the Paloma cocktail."

The sipper

"[I'll take] fresh strawberries or raspberries and muddle that up with Don Julio and some lime," she says. "Then depending on what herbs I have I'll play around with those—rosemary is really nice." Is it happy hour yet?

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