Why Cryotherapy Is an Essential Part of Hannah Bronfman’s Travel Routine

Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman
When you're stuck in a cramped cabin seat on a flying tin can for eight hours, your body tends to suffer, which is how you (I) end up traveling with a carry-on full of sheet masks, tennis balls, and essential oils. And since the goal of getting away isn't to spend two days recovering from the flight—any number of tips and tricks to ease the transition are more than welcome. As someone who spends a lot of their time traveling (a perk of being a model, DJ, and founder of HBFit), Hannah Bronfman has her post-plane routine down pat—and it involves cryotherapy.

Yesterday, Bronfman shared her very cool tip for staying healthy while traveling during the Tampax Active Pearl launch at 305 Fitness Studio in New York City. Although she's "kind of always been into cryotherapy," since she's been on the go a lot recently, she's attained a new appreciation for the buzzy (somewhat controversial) beauty treatment that started in Japan and essentially involves deep freezing your body rapidly. Why? Its top health benefits purportedly include improving sleep (hello, jet lag), boosting your metabolism, fighting inflammation, and burning calories. 

"I swear, doing cryo when I get off a plane, or in between traveling, just helps my body acclimate so much."

"I swear, doing cryo when I get off a plane, or in between traveling, just helps my body acclimate so much," Bronfman said, adding that she's also into NormaTec Recovery compression pants, which she likes for their ability to get your lymphatic system moving. "Sitting on a plane for so many hours, things get stuck. This is really to help the flow," she says. And when you have major goals to manifest in 2018, you've got to keep it moving, right? 

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