3 Multitasking Healthy Habits That Streamline Hannah Simone’s Busy Days

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As Cece on the TV show New Girl, Hannah Simone plays the strong-willed BFF we'd all like to have in our women's circle (alongside Zooey Deschanel's Jessica Day, of course). So if you ugly cried as hard as I did when the show aired it's very last episode in mid-May, you'll be happy to learn that the actress keeps it real IRL, too.

Case in point: Simone recently told to me exactly how she makes the whole healthy-living thing happen. Forming a beneficial habit really revolves around making every aspect of your day as multipurpose as possible, which is largely why the actress partnered with SmartyPants Vitamins and its all-in-one multivitamin. In addition from popping that hardworking supplement on the daily, Simone subscribes to the keep-it-simple motto for every area of her life—including snacking and cleansing.

Check out 3 of Hannah Simone's multitasking healthy habits.

hannah simone habit tips
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1. Design an on-the-go supercharged wellness smoothie to keep you full until lunchtime

Simone relies on rockstar nutritionist and health coach Kelly LeVeque's Fab Four smoothie, which calls for at least 20 milligrams of protein, 1 tablespoon of fat, 1 handful of greens, 1/4 cup of fruit, liquid, and any superfoods you might want to add. "It keeps me full for the morning, because often, I’m in my car, I’m driving to set, it’s 4:30 in the morning. I’m in hair and makeup, then you go into rehearsals, then you’re shooting," she explains. "There’s not a lot of time to sit down for breakfast." To achieve Simone-style smoothie #goals, you can whip up this LeVeque-approved recipe, which even packs an extra kick of caffeine.

hannah simone habit tips
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2. Make your healthy snack satisfy your sugar craving

When it comes to noshing, Simone always has fruit in her bag, but not the apple-slices variety from your packed school-lunch days. "I like to make my own snacks, so often I’ll cut up an apple, and I’ll pour some coconut oil and cinnamon on it, and I’ll bake it for like 20 minutes," she says. The result is an apple pie-esque flavor that makes the actress savor every. last. bite. "I do that with a lot of different fruits. I bake them in avocado oil or coconut oil, and they’re really yummy," she adds.

Hannah Simone
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3. Pledge allegiance to *one* skin-care brand

If you've been thinking about giving your beauty regimen the Marie Kondo treatment, consider Simone your minimalist glow guru. The celeb swears by choosing one (and only one) line of makeup, and sticking to it. Why? Since she's admittedly "lazy" about her skin-care rituals, so basic is best (her go-to line is iS clinical, especially the company's serums and sunscreen). "I’ve had to simplify all the things that are good for me, and it comes down to quality of product really."

With the extra time Simone has injected into her schedule as a result of streamlining so many healthy routines, she can do more of what she loves—which, like the rest of us, includes bingeing episodes of Queer Eye and gearing up for a spin class.

If you're on the hunt for more healthy snacks you can eat whenever, wherever, here are the ones Whole Foods HQ swear by and the healthiest ones you can find at the gas station.

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