Is Egg Coffee the New Bulletproof-Style Caffeine Fix?

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Over-easy, scrambled, sunny-side up...Chances are you have a favorite way to take your eggs. But whipped into your morning cup of joe? New York City hot spot Hanoi House is revolutionizing the post-sip foam mustache with a beverage that adds a powerful punch of protein to your morning—or afternoon—hit of caffeine. Picture your favorite dark roast coffee topped with a frothy layer of creamy, eggy goodness.

The concoction is called Egg Coffee, and you can now add it to your roster of pep-in-your-step wellness beverages alongside turmeric golden milk lattes, bone broth lattes, and butter-less Bulletproof Coffee.

"It’s the balance of the hot coffee and the sweet egg foam that earned it the nickname 'liquid tiramisu.'"

"There is a noticeable smell and flavor of eggs at first," says Sara Leveen, who co-founded Hanoi House alongside her partner Ben Lowell. "It’s the balance of the hot coffee and the sweet egg foam that earned it the nickname 'liquid tiramisu.'" No wonder this drink has been a Vietnamese favorite for over a century. The traditional recipe calls for condensed milk, but swapping it out for alt-milk works just as well and nixes the added sugar.

"Milk was scarce in Hanoi post independence from France, so egg yolks were used in its place," Leveen explains. "Like so many old recipes, it was created out of necessity." One taste and this new coffee hack might be your latest necessity, too.

Scroll down for Hanoi House's egg coffee recipe.

Egg Coffee New York City
Photo: Abby Maker

Egg Coffee

1 (8-oz.) serving

8 oz. Vietnamese coffee (or another strong dark roast)
2 egg yolks
3 Tbsp nut milk (or sweetened condensed milk, which is what Hanoi House uses, for a special treat)
1 Tbsp agave, honey, or maple syrup

1. Brew the Vietnamese coffee, or another strong dark roast.

2. While coffee is brewing, use a hand blender to whip two egg yolks with the nut or sweetened condensed milk and sugar alternative until the mixture has the texture of cake batter. (Note: If using nut milk, the texture will likely be a bit thinner.)

3. After the coffee has finished brewing, add two tablespoons of hot coffee to the egg mixture and continue blending for another 30 seconds.

4. Pour egg mixture over remaining hot coffee.

5. Mix as desired with a spoon or drink coffee through egg mixture.

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