Hard Boiled Eggs Are Perfect for Meal Prep—Here’s How to Make Them More Fun to Eat

Photo: Feasting At Home
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Whenever you ask a bunch of healthy eating experts what their go-to snack is, you're probably going to have at least three people wax poetic about hard boiled eggs. They're high in protein! They're portable! They're easy to make! Yet no one is willing to cop up to their fatal flaw: They're really, really boring.

Okay, hard boiled eggs are boring, but eggs in general are pretty damn good for you:

Unlike omelettes, which are infinitely customizable, hard boiled eggs are just...cooked eggs. The taste is great, but when you're meal prepping them as often as health experts encourage you to, things get monotonous pretty quickly. While companies like Peckish aim to solve the yolk-related doldrums with fun seasoning dips and clever packaging, there are plenty of DIY options out there for you to get your eggy fix without your taste buds falling asleep. Consider the case of HBE fatigue cracked with these hard boiled egg recipes.

Keep reading for 5 healthy and creative hard boiled egg recipes

hard boiled egg grilled cheese
Photo: A Couple Cooks

1. Hard boiled egg grilled cheese

As classic of a combo bread and cheese is, the simple addition of hard boiled eggs ups the nutritional density considerably. This five-minute meal works for a protein-filled breakfast or lunch. Add a teaspoon of avocado oil mayo to up the healthy fats even more.

hard boiled egg gratin
Photo: Teaspoon of Spice

2. Hard boiled eggs gratin

Feeling fancy? This meal has all the flavors of a classic gratin dish—but uses hard boiled eggs to give it a low-carb twist. Even though it looks impressive, it only takes 20 minutes to whip up. HBE gratin, welcome to my regular rotation.

hard boiled egg avocado bowl
Photo: Eating Bird Food

3. Hard boiled egg and avocado bowl

Ready in five minutes, this simple dish combines eggs and avocado (fats—on—fats!) with red onion and red pepper for some extra bite. Think of this as a low-carb, deconstructed avocado toast.

hard boiled egg casserole
Photo: The Bossy Kitchen

4. Scalloped potatoes with hard boiled eggs

If you have a lot of mouths to feed, this breakfast casserole will be your savior. (Or, make it once and eat it yourself all week.) Because you're getting some good carbs with every bite, it makes for a great post-workout snack, too.

hard boiled eggs with shallots
Photo: Feasting At Home

5. Hard boiled eggs with olive oil, fresh herbs, and pickled shallots

Sometimes, all you need to transform your HBEs are some thought-out toppings. That's where the pickled shallots come in. Made with a touch of salt, honey, and white wine vinegar, they're the unexpected add-on you didn't know you needed.

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