Our Viewers Are Calling This the Most Challenging HIIT Workout They’ve Tried

If I heard the words “hardest HIIT workout ever,” I’d run away, screaming. But brave viewers are accepting the challenge of Barry's trainer Sashah Handal. In this workout, she promises that this 25-minute high intensity cardio session will leave you “dripping in sweat.”

Do this intense workout (just about) anywhere for rewarding results. “We’ll be working for two-minute blocks at a time, circling through combinations of moves and compound movement,” says Handal. If you can, use a mat and keep a sweat towel close, and don’t forget your water because you’ll definitely need it.

Experts In This Article
  • Sashah Handal, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor certified in personal training, HIIT, indoor cycling, and TRX

Set 1

“This is a ladder round, so we will [increase] the repetitions as we go,” Handal says.

Start in a squat. Walk your hands out into an inchworm. Jump your knees right under your hips. “That’s called a frog jump,” says Handal. “Keep your back super flat, your abs very braced, and your knees as low as possible in these frog jumps.” Jump your legs back out. Walk your hands back into your squat then do one squat jump. “Keep your feet wide, your heels rooted, chest lifted and knees wide in the squat jump,” says Handal. Repeat while adding one frog jump and one squat jump to each repetition.

“You are going to want to remember the highest rep that you get to,” says Handal. “We’ll return back to this set, and we will start a new challenge, starting with the highest rep and coming all the way down to one.”

Set 2

“As many rounds as possible, [we are doing] three moves with four reps each,” says Handal. Starting in a high plank, walk your hands out in a superman position then back in which is one rep. “Alternate your hands each time,” says Handal. Back in high-plank position, do four mountain climbers. Hop your legs in then do four squat pulses. Do this set for as many reps as possible, or AMRAP, in two minutes.

Set 3

“We are going to go back to that first ladder,” says Handal. “Starting with your highest rep, we are going to go down.” Moving from inchworms, to frog jumps, to squat jumps, Handal says to be mindful of form. “It’s not a race. We don’t want to sacrifice form for speed, ever.” If there’s still time on the clock when you get to one rep, Handal says don’t stop. “Keep cycling through with just one rep at a time.”

Set 4

“These moves are going to be focused on your lower body, predominantly,” Handal says. Start with four lunge jumps. Take your feet wide then jump back into high plank. “Hop it back and stay low. That’s a half burpee.” After you do four half burpees, push out four squat sequences: “Come down to the knees, then back up to the feet and that’s one. Lead with alternating legs every time you come up to your squat.”

Set 5

“Here, we are going to start with a new ladder. The legs are already nice and toasty, so let’s keep them burning,” Handal says. One squat then a lunge jump on each leg. Add a squat and a lunge jump to each repetition, going up the ladder, for two minutes. “In the squat, tuck and squeeze your tailbone. In the lunge jump, take a long stride back, chest is lifted and legs are at a 90-degree angle,” Handal says. Remember your highest rep.

Set 6

Start in a bear plank position on all fours. Lift the knees two inches off the floor. Align your wrists, elbows and shoulders together and do four shoulder taps. From here, do four leg kickbacks. Hop your legs back and do four squat pulses.

Set 7

Starting with seven squat jumps and seven lunge jumps, go back down the ladder for two minutes.

Set 8

Return to the first AMRAP of superman planks, mountain climbers and squat pulses.

Set 9

For this active recovery, do a squat into an alternating lunge. “Just for one minute before I make you push it full throttle to the end of this workout,” Handal says. “Take this time to reassess and refocus. Use this active recovery to refuel.”

Set 10

Return to the second AMRAP of four lunge jumps, four half burpees and four squat suicides.

Set 11

“We’ve got one more active recovery,” says Handal. Hit a high plank position then shift your hips up and back into a downward dog. “Peddle out through the feet if you need to and as you shift forward, take your leg forward into a runner’s lunge.” Reach your arm up to deepen the stretch. Step back, hit your downward dog then do the same thing on the other side.

Set 12

“You got two minutes of an AMRAP, and then this is over. The cool thing is you’ve already done it,” says Handal. Get into a bear plank, hit the shoulder taps and kickouts. But add four burpees to the end. “A little extra intensity for your already intense workout.”

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