Our Viewers Are Calling This Full-Body Pilates Workout One of the Most Challenging Workouts on YouTube

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It's easy to get catfished by a Pilates workout. You might think you're signing up for an easy, low-impact workout, but by the time the warm-up is over you're drenched in sweat and every muscle in your body is quaking. Such is the case for this 15-minute full-body session, which viewers have deemed one of the most challenging quick-hit workouts on YouTube.

Though Pilates is filled with small, seemingly gentle movements, don't let that fool you into thinking it isn't intense. Because Pilates requires you to engage your core in every exercise, it offers some serious ab-strengthening benefits, and the slow and controlled nature of the moves means that they help target muscles that are often ignored in other modalities. Plus, since there's no speed and momentum involved, you're not really able to cheat your way out of proper form, which means you're able to get deep down into every area you're targeting... and this explains the inevitable muscle shakes that occur when you're doing things with control and proper form.

Experts In This Article

In this 15-minute workout hosted by Chloe de Winter, an instructor at East River Pilates in New York City, you'll start with some core work that helps you to engage your abs—a skill you'll need to draw upon when you move on to targeting your other muscles. Then, you'll hit your arms and glutes before finishing things off with a few sets of planks and (modified) push-ups.

Though the moves may not look like much, by the end of the workout you'll be sure to feel their effects all over. I've personally cycled through this session dozens of times (it's my go-to when I only have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout), and am always genuinely shocked at how sweaty and sore I am by the time it's over. Follow along with the video below—just don't say we didn't warn you. (And check out our list of hardest Pilates moves if you want another challenge!)

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