Kate Hudson’s Next-Level Push-up Is Three Moves in One

Photo: Getty Images/Stefanie Keenan
I try to do at least 20 push-ups a day. Sometimes I perform the textbook version, but more often than not I scale the movement using my knees. Either way, a set of hard push-ups leaves my arms feeling like Jell-O. You'll never see any modifications from Kate Hudson, though, who might have discovered the most challenging push-up variation of all time.

During a sweat sesh with celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer, the fitness unicorn behind NW Method, Hudson completes some incredibly hard push-ups that makes me sore just looking at it. Instead of sticking with the basic movement, she pushes back into a one-legged downward dog, then as she lowers down into a push-up position, she brings the same leg over to her side at a 90-degree angle. Basically like a half-split on the floor, all while holding her bodyweight. NBD.


Hudson makes this move look easy, but don't let her flawless form fool you. By the end of the set, which consisted of five reps counted down by Winhoffer, she couldn't help but finish with a grunt (which can actually boost your physical performance and help you remain focused). If you want to try the intense move at home, just remember to go nice and slow. You'll get the most bang for your buck—and prevent any injuries!—by feeling the burn every step of the way.

Kate Hudson always has the best fitness advice. Aside from teaching the world intense push-up variations, she also has three safe-for-pregnancy Pilates moves she swears by and a surprising place she wears weights to strengthen her core.

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