12 Free Yoga Videos That’ll Give You a Studio-Quality Flow From Home

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While it's hard to match the magic of an in-person yoga class—with it's collective inhales and exhales and hands-on adjustments—the internet is a wondrous place for workouts, and its yoga offerings are no exceptions. With the mere click of a button, you can experience a studio-quality flow from the comfort and ease of your own home which, in this day and age, can feel like the safest place to practice heavy breath work. And the best part is, it's free. (Thanks, YouTube!)

Yoga is a worthwhile addition to your daily or weekly regimen, too, as the practice offers a host of science-backed health benefits. It increases flexibility, of course, and can improve balance, focus, and endurance to make you a better athlete overall (or simply improve your day-to-day mobility). But it has more surprising benefits, too. Yoga is linked to better brain health, it may improve mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it can help to induce sleep. In other words, it's a minor mental health miracle.

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Fortunately for the WFH (workout-from-home) set, there are tons of exceptional yoga YouTubers—so many, in fact, that it can become overwhelming. To help you parse through them, here are a few channel favorites: Yoga with Adrienne; Jessamyn Stanley; Yoga with Briohny; Stråla Yoga; Faith Hunter; Sarah Beth Yoga; Koya Webb; and Yoga with Kassandra. To find the ones that are the right fit for you simply requires a little trial and error, as everybody connects uniquely to different yogis and styles of practice–so, play around!

And if you just want to skip right to a curated list of some of the best—and hardest—free yoga routines on YouTube, grab your mat and scroll down.

The best free yoga videos on YouTube

1. 30-Minute Energizing Morning Flow with Sky Ting Yoga

In a perfect world, every morning would start with a yoga flow to stretch out the body after (ideally) a long night's sleep, gently awaken the muscles, and set the stage for a calm-yet-energized day. This flow from the Sky Ting Yoga founders offers all of those benefits and more—it's well worth waking up (30 minutes early!) for.

 2. Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Workout with Jessica Kass and Fightmaster Yoga

This Ashtanga yoga practice will take 90 minutes to complete, but think about all of the time you're saving by not having to leave your house?

3. 20-Minute yoga for beginners with Traci Copeland

For newbies or yogis looking to get back to the basics, this video will provide a solid foundation. Consider it the "mountain pose" of your at-home asana practice.

4. Mandy Ingber's Jennifer Aniston Yoga Workout

This sweaty asana sequence from celeb yoga instructor Mandy Ingber (who counts the Friends star as a client) is another Aniston-approved workout that'll leave you just drenched.

5. Yoga for Core Strength with Andrea Russell

Sometimes, you just need to burn out your core as a supplementary workout to add to your cardio, or because you only have a limited amount of time and want to work this commonly problematic area/strengthen the literal core of all physical activity. This video does it in just 11 minutes.

6. Yoga for glute strength with Andrea Russell

Booty burnouts are a must sometimes, too. This flow, also led by Russell, engages the glutes like no other.

7. Stress-busting 60-minute intermediate yoga workout

Sometimes the most challenging part of yoga is being able to find stillness within your practice. Turn your rest day into a seriously chill TO with this hour-long restorative sequence.

8. 10-minute strength builder Strala flow

Turns out, not only is 10 minutes all you need to make a healthy lunch, it's also enough time to get in an entire asana sequence, too. This video's the next best thing to booking a mat at one of Tara Stiles' Strala Yoga studios IRL. 

9. Ali Kamenova interval yoga power vinyasa

Get ready to sweat through this cardio-focused, interval sequence designed to get you toned and conditioned. It runs a little over an hour—so if you want something shorter, check out Kamenova's YouTube channel instead.

10. Yoga TX detox challenge workout

This workout video is designed to help support natural detoxification in the body with plenty of digestion-supporting twists (i.e. it's good for your gut and your butt).

11. KinoYoga advanced yoga hip opener workout

If you're a more advanced yogi, then try this hip-opening workout from KinoYoga. Who knows? It might just inspire an emotional breakthrough.

12. Calming yoga flow for stress and anxiety relief

This flow is the perfect pick for when you need to chill out emotionally and maybe don't have a ton of energy physically. It's gentle and relaxing and will quiet the mind while soothing—but still working!—the body.

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