Hatch Mama Is a New Pregnancy-Friendly Beauty Line That’s Also Serious Insta Candy

Photo: HATCH

In 2011, when Ariane Goldman launched HATCH Collection, a clothing line for pregnant women, she wanted to create a super-chic ethos that simplified purchasing maternity clothes. Now, the brand is rolling out a line of beauty products, dubbed HATCH Mama, which consists of clean pregnancy-friendly beauty buys, which aim to do the same thing for your skin and hair.

For Goldman, the motivation behind creating the brand's beauty line was born from frustration. "I was getting beauty product recommendations from friends, reading blogs, and trying to figure out what I needed to get through pregnancy safely, but no one was centralizing the conversation," Goldman says. She's not alone: A recent study found that 65 percent of women would welcome more advice when it comes to which cosmetics they should use (and which they should avoid) during pregnancy.

So Goldman set out to deliver an answer. She created the range of products that solves the gripes heard by pregnant women she talked to. "I wanted to approach the problem first," Goldman says. "What was it that we suffer from? What would make us feel better? How can the products be yummy and effective?" To do that, she asked dozens of women about their beauty-related pregnancy and postpartum problems.

The result? Eight solutions-oriented products, priced between $12 and $58, which include one seriously awesome belly sheet mask developed for stretch marks, a luxe oil for straw-like, dried-out hair, and aromatherapy roller balls that purport to curb nausea. And while the products may have been developed for those nine months of pregnancy, you can use the millennial-pink packaged products long past your due date. "That's a principal value of HATCH overall—to have beautiful goods that work for women before, during, and after you're pregnant," she says.

Keep scrolling to learn more about a few of the products from HATCH Mama.

hatch mama beauty strength and shine hair oil

Strength and Shine Hair Oil, $38

"While hair can be lustrous during pregnancy—especially during the second and third trimesters—postpartum, hair can feel finer, thinner, and look duller," says Goldman. "I wanted to create a pregnancy-safe treatment that felt and smelled great, while also containing beneficial ingredients." It contains a mix of multiple do-good oils (avocado, jojoba, argan, and sesame), invigorating extracts of lemon and grapefruit, and caffeine, which "helps drive blood flow and nourishment to the scalp," Goldman says.

hatch mama beauty belly mask

Belly Mask, $12

Long live the sheet mask! This ingenious version contains soothing aloe vera extract to help calm inflammation and propolis to reduce the appearance of inevitable stretch marks, and can be used during pregnancy or afterwards.

hatch mama beauty rollerball essential oil scents

Relax, Renew, and Rescue Rollerballs, $26 each

"There are so many aromatherapeutic benefits from essential oils when used safely during pregnancy," says Goldman. "I think of this trio as 'Mama's Little Helpers'—we always need a little extra something based on the day, hour, or minute, when pregnant and for all mamas in general." Relax features calming lavender, Renew has invigorating eucalyptus, and Rescue's probably the most brilliant of them all—it features ginger to reduce pangs of nausea. It'll also help energize you, too.

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