The Most Camping-Friendly State in America Is…

Photo: Stocksy/Micky Wiswedel
As someone who grew up in several bustling cities, I have a hard time understanding the allure of camping. (Glamping, on the other hand, speaks to me: There's indoor plumbing, acceptable thread counts, and what seems like a lower risk of being mauled in the night by a bear—an irrational personal fear, I know.) But the droves of women across the country who are increasingly embracing the outdoors and making the trails their own are inspiring me to change my stance. Plus, a new survey, which named the most camping-friendly states in the country, also has me reconsidering.

The state with the highest rate of residents who go camping monthly is Hawaii, at 49 percent.

Hipcamp, a start-up that helps people find places to camp, surveyed 2,000 folks to learn where the happiest campers in America are setting up tents around the fire. The state with the highest rate of residents who go camping monthly is (drumroll, please) Hawaii, at 49 percent. And, the stat makes sense considering the state's luscious greenery, amazing waterfalls, and temperate climate. Heck, I'd do anything in the tropical state—yes, even camp.

Delaware (48 percent), Idaho (47 percent), Montana (45 percent), and Nebraska (44 percent) round out the top five. Alternatively, the states with lowest camping rates are Vermont (5 percent), Nevada (5 percent), Maryland (8 percent), South Carolina (13 percent), and Kentucky (16 percent).

Hipcamp also found that 36 percent of Americans love to go tent-camping, whereas only 7 percent like glamping (which is shocking to me!).

Unsurprisingly, 51 percent of Americans said that toilets were the most important amenity during their trips under the stars. And, if I know anything about anything, s'mores probably ranks somewhere on that list of camping must-haves—especially this healthy take on the classic treat.

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