If You Liked the Viral Rose Quartz Tub, This Home Trend Is for You

Photo: Unsplash/Sam Austin
Ever since this epic rose quartz bathtub went viral, I've been thinking bigger when it comes to incorporating crystals into my home. It's good and all to disperse them into the various nooks and crannies of your space (here's a room-by-room guide for doing so, or you could just partner them with your plants) but what if you want decor that integrates high vibes more intentionally so that your crystal collection feels less knick knack in nature?

Rashia Bell, co-founder of The Cristalline, an energetic interior design company, utilizes crystals in the homes of her clients frequently—both in the consultation process and in their resultant decor choices. "We do some crystal energy work and have very in-depth conversations with the client about what is going on in their life," says Bell. Then they'll incorporate certain crystal pieces accordingly. "We use them to help block EMF frequencies that can affect our sleep, to help ground someone who's feeling scattered, or to simply evoke joy," Bell says.

One of the design duo's favorite ways of incorporating said crystals into a space is to make them multi-task. "When they can tick all the boxes from the aesthetic to the tactile to the functional, it allows you to feel their energetic effects in multiple ways," Bell says. "Light fixtures, candle holders, decorative bowls, and coasters are a great and inexpensive way to [incorporate crystals in a functional way]," she says.

Given this experience and design philosophy, it wasn't a huge leap for the duo to collaborate with home decor and accessories brand Sefte on a line of products—throws, pillows, and more—which integrate healing stones into their design.  Below, shop pieces from the collection alongside other high-vibe-yet-functional home decor items.

Shop crystal-centric home decor below.

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