5 Healthy 10-Minute Dinners for When You’d Rather Do Anything but Cook

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I am not what you would call a "great cook." Or even a "good cook." I'm more like an "adequate reheater of leftovers." It's not for lack of trying—it's just that I have a short attention span when it comes to things I don't like doing, like cooking. I usually tap out of recipes that have too many steps or take too long, modifying them to suit my very lazy needs. Or I will heat up Trader Joe's frozen meatballs and make some sort of salad (by that I mean put mixed greens in a bowl and add olive oil and balsamic). This is fine, because currently I am the only one who has to consume my cooking.

But it does get a little depressing to be eating frozen TJ's meatballs for one every single night. Wouldn't it be great if there were easy, healthy meals I could stand to follow the entire recipe for? What would life look like? I'll tell you: It would look like one of these healthy meals that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. They're simple, filling, and easy enough that even I could whip them together.

These healthy 10-minute dinners are perfect for when you just can't be bothered

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1. Falafel cakes with creamy lemon tahini dressing

"Am I a chef now?"—me, after preparing this gluten-free, vegan falafel recipe that takes less than 10 minutes and has very few steps. The recipe recommends serving them atop a bed of arugula with slices of avocado.

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2. Basil balsamic chickpea and kale salad

This no-bake recipe is perfect for hot summer nights, when turning on your oven feels like an act of masochism. The most complicated part of the recipe is whisking together the dressing ingredients, and this is a task even I think I can handle. Bonus: chickpeas pack 14 grams of protein per cup, and are also a great source of fiber.

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3. Avocado boats three ways

You had me at "avocado," per usual. Nutrition Stripped gives three easy, quick variations on avocado boats—and they all look delicious. Choose from a cabbage, black bean, or chickpea iteration.

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4. Grain-free tabbouleh salad

This recipe calls for red bell pepper instead of the traditional tomato found in tabbouleh, which adds extra crunch. This makes a great salad base for your protein of choice.

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5. Ultimate breakfast tacos 

If eating breakfast tacos for dinner is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Pinto beans and eggs bring the protein, and they're also packed with healthy fats thanks to coconut oil and avocado.

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