Under-the-Radar Destinations for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Weekend

Photo: Hanna Yamamoto
As a new generation of women start exploring the great outdoors, looking for experiential ways to spend their PTO, canyon hikes, beach dance parties, and desert adventures are replacing boozy bar crawls on bachelorette weekend itineraries.

And while places like Las Vegas and Miami have historically been destinations for bidding adieu to your single life, for brides-to-be looking for less trafficked hotspots, there are several under-the-radar locations ideally suited for long weekends of celebrating with your squad. 

From the vibrant South American city of Cartagena lining the Caribbean coast to Galveston deep in the heart of Texas, think outside the box and consider these often overlooked cities that’ll make for a memorable getaway full of fun that won’t break the bank.


For more under-the-radar spots to add to your travel bucket list, check out these top destinations for 2018—perhaps, add Portugal to it while you're at it. 


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