3 Reasons Why Everyone’s Sipping Chilled, Bottled Soup This Summer

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First the wellness world went nuts for bone broth—the steamy elixir that health gurus spent all winter slurping up en masse.

But now that we're deep into summer, "souping" aficionados have switched gears, embracing a new bottled soup-juice hybrid as their warm weather alternative of choice—particularly gazpacho.

We're sharing three bottled soup brands that have put their own twist on the traditional gazpacho recipe of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and salt, with distinct flavors like cumin, beets, and, of course, kale.

The result? Intensely flavorful and nutrient-packed soups perfect for portable sipping. Just be careful if you're heading to a big meeting or a hot date—garlic breath is almost guaranteed. —Amy Marturana

(Photo: Mucho Gazpacho)



Tío Gazpacho

Founder Austin Allan developed a big-time amor for classic gazpacho while living in Spain, and created his tasty line, which now has three flavors: A traditional, garlicky Clásico; Verde is green and minty with a little jalapeño kick; and Del Sol has a sweeter taste from yellow tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and carrots. All have a splash of olive oil sourced from Spain, and proceeds go to Development in Gardening, which supports sustainable gardening in developing countries.

For more information, visit www.tiogazpacho.com

(Photo: Tío Gazpacho)



The Splendid Spoon Market Gazpacho

This Greenpoint, Brooklyn, soupery creates small-batch soups using ingredients sourced from local farms in the Hudson Valley, and delivers them to New York City residents as one- two- or three-day cleanses. Its newly launched Market Gazpacho has a nice kick, thanks to the addition of cumin, cayenne, black pepper, and jalapeño. It also provides more than three servings of veggies per bottle.

For more information, visit www.thesplendidspoon.com

 (Photo: The Splendid Spoon)



Mucho Gazpacho Bravo Tomato

The tasty ingredients all hail directly from farmers in Spain, and are then bottled in Miami. (Right now, you can only get it in South Florida or on Amazon, but national distribution is in the works.) The soup has a slightly sweet flavor, with strong notes of tomato, garlic, and onion, all of which really sing because the veggies are crushed, not pressed. A genius (and very Spanish) way to sip it? Over ice with a splash of vodka. It just might be the healthiest brunch cocktail you can find.

For more information, visit www.muchogazpacho.com

(Photo: Mucho Gazpacho)



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