Well+Good Readers Share Their Favorite Hot Breakfasts That Aren’t Oatmeal

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As temperatures drop, the desire for a steaming hot dish of something or another to entice you out of bed in the morning tends to rise. And while oatmeal's cool and all, it's not exactly the sexiest thing on the menu and some days, you need healthy breakfast ideas to put a little more pep in your pot to get things going. Sure, you can add eggs to it, throw in some miso and/or veggies, or top it with roasted fruit, but occasionally, none of that is enough to get you excited and you need to go an entirely different route.

Enter cold-weather healthy breakfast ideas from Well+Good readers, via Cook With Us, who shared their favorite go-to's—outside of oatmeal—for breaking the nightly fast. Whether you're devoted to veganism, vegetarianism, the Whole 30 diet, the ketogenic diet, or just about anything in between or beyond, something on this list oughta spark. It's got stacks, scrambles, sandwiches and skillets—all healthy, quick (or fairly easy to hack) and, at least according to our readers, yummy AF.

10 healthy breakfast ideas that aren't oatmeal

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1. Shakshuka

If your breakfast typically consists of a nuked bowl of oats, this recipe may at first glance look like a huge leap; however, in practice, it's not actually all that difficult—especially given that Trader Joe's sells a shakshuka starter kit. You can follow TJ's 10-minute recipe or opt for the linked Love and Lemons version instead. The latter—made special with spinach and harissa, a North African hot chili paste—is nutrient-dense and still fairly simple, with a total prep and cook time of just 40 minutes.


banana pancakes
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2. Banana Pancakes

The Well+Good reader who recommended this recipe keeps it easy breezy for busy mornings by mixing together one egg, one banana, and one tablespoon almond flour. The bananas make is so sweet, the reader claims, that syrup isn't even a necessity, and another user suggests adding blueberries into the mix as well (for an antioxidant boost!). If you're feeling lazy, you can try this idea as more of a pancake scramble, as linked above, or, if you're trying to impress company (or, yourself), try the highbrow matcha variety (pictured) instead.

freezer breakfast sandwich
Photo: Kara Lydon

3. Egg English Muffins

Frozen breakfast sandwiches are great for on-the-go mornings, particularly when they are both healthy and homemade. The linked recipe from Kara Lydon Nutrition is simultaneously hearty and veggie-packed. The Well+Good reader who recommends going this route also likes baked egg muffins, like these spinach and cheddar bites.

veggie omelette recipe
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4. Egg White Omelettes 

Omelettes are always a good go-to, especially if you're a Whole 30 or Keto gal or guy. One Well+Good reader recommends a recipe consisting of five egg whites, one full egg, cooked mushrooms, broccoli, or other veggies, goat cheese, fresh basil or oregano, or salt and pepper—but really, anything goes.

apple protein pancakes
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5. Protein Pancakes

Eggs aren't the only way to get a protein boost in the morning. One Well+Good reader swears by mixing up a stack with the following recipe: 1 scoop protein powder, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon ground flax and 1 teaspoon baking powder. This batter can be refrigerated overnight and then baked in the oven in a 6-inch skillet for 8 minutes, with no need to flip. If you're looking to add a nutrient boost to this formula, try the apple and sweet potato protein pancake recipe linked above instead.

tofu scramble
Photo: Nutrition Stripped

6. Tofu Scramble

Tofu scrambles are a great vegan alternative to egg varietals, and they can likewise be cooked up in any number of ways. The linked version from Nutrition Stripped is as savory as they come, and features a mint chutney that can double as a dipping sauce or sandwich spread later in the day.

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7. Refried Bean Wraps

Beans are an ideal option for breakfast, as they're packed with both protein and fiber, which will keep you fuller, longer. These linked wraps from Veg Kitchen are quick to construct and potentially perfect for commutes (just bring napkins!).

cottage cheese pancakes
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8. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Yet another way to add protein—and calcium—into your pancake mix is by whisking in some cottage cheese. This 3-ingredient recipe from The Kitchn allows you to put your temporarily shunned oats to good use, too.

amaranth porridge
Photo: Golubka Kitchen

9. Amaranth Porridge 

You don't have to totally abandon the vibe of your usual oatmeal breakfast in order to mix things up. One Well+Good reader suggests simply switching up your porridge types by using amaranth, millet, or quinoa instead of oats. You can add anything into it—the reader suggests stewed apples, which the linked recipe from Golubka Kitchen relies upon.

almond butter toast
Photo: Hummusapien

10. Almond Butter Toast

If you're one of those people with no time in the morning, almond butter toast offers a simple solution. It's more sweet than savory, but all that really matters is that it's warm enough for winter. The Well+Good reader who recs it suggests topping your toast with berries or banana. The linked version from Hummusapien includes the latter along with cacao nibs, maple syrup, and cinnamon. If you're feeling a little fancier, you could try this peanut butter banana breakfast pizza from Hummusapien instead.

Drinking an oat milk latte with your breakfast? Good idea:

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