These 9 Costumed Dogs Took Halloween Wellness #goals to a New Level

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In need of a mental-health break? Well, you're in for a treat—and no tricks, promise. Halloween might be over, but there are still plenty of healthy costumed dogs to ogle on the 'Gram for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

From the cutest pomp'kin spice latte around to one dogerobics instructor that would for sure pack classes and a LaCroixgi who's just as excited as you are about new sparkling water flavors, these are the best wellness-themed dog costumes on the internet.

Check out 9 healthy costumed dogs that'll satisfy your Halloween craving all year long.

1. Pupshroom

Even this dog knows all the benefits of eating and drinking adaptogenic mushrooms on the regular.

2. LaCroixgi

This canine even swishes water after downing a can of the buzzy bubbly, per dental advice.

3. Paging Dr. Whippet

Sure, doctors are great, but can you imagine going into your appointment and being greeted by this adorable face?

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4. Pom’pkin Spice Latte

You think this version uses alt-milk and skips the whip?

5. Self-Care Doodle

Wine? Check. Extra-cozy robe? Check. Yes, this is definitely one hygge-forward costume you might even steal from your pet.

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6. Biking Lab

In need of a biking buddy? This chocolate lab looks like the perfect fit. (Just don't be too jealous of its cool getup.)

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7. Yorksushi

There's really only one question for this costumed Yorksushi: Can it roll? (Sorry, had to.)

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8. Dogerobics

Make room for another star, Jane Fonda: This pup might just be the cutest aerobics instructor of all time.

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9. Scuba Pup

The next time you want to go scuba diving, make sure Scuba Sadie is around to show you the ropes.

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