You Only Need 2 Ingredients to Make a Healthy Dole Whip Recipe at Home

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Disney isn't just known for its enchanting castles, fireworks, and anthropomorphic mice. It's also the home of the iconic Dole Whip, a delicious pineapple soft-serve frozen dessert that might be one of the main reasons people venture to the theme park in the first place. What you might not realize, though, is your kitchen can be the happiest place on Earth, too, because it only takes two ingredients to make a healthy Dole Whip recipe at home.

The Disneyland app recently shared the official Dole Whip recipe, which contains a big scoop of ice cream, 4 ounces of pineapple juice, and 2 cups of frozen pineapple. While the ice cream is what gives the dessert the texture of soft serve, simply swapping it for some coconut milk is a great way to make a more nutritious version. Sure, you won't be able to swirl it into a bowl. But the taste? Perfection.

According to dietitians, pineapple—the star ingredient in a Dole Whip recipe—is great for gut health and super hydrating. About 90 percent of the fruit is water and it contains a decent amount of potassium, which is an important electrolyte. If you've been searching for a new dessert to add to your repertoire, grab some frozen pineapple and a can of coconut milk and get to work.. After blending the ingredients together until the mix is nice and smooth (less than a minute), you'll be left with an irresistible tropical sweet treat.

Healthy Dole Whip recipe

4 cups frozen pineapple chunks
1 cup coconut milk

1. Combine the the pineapple chunks and coconut milk in a blender.

2. Blend the pineapple and coconut milk until smooth. (Make it thicker by adding more pineapple chunks; more coconut milk makes a liquid you can drink through a straw.)

3. Once the texture is to your liking, serve in a glass and enjoy.

Note: You can save leftovers from your healthy Dole Whip recipe by freezing it in an airtight container.

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