5 Extraordinary Egg Salad Recipes That Don’t Use an Entire Jar of Mayonnaise

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You might not know what you're having for dinner tonight, but I can tell you what you're having next week. Egg salad. If dying eggs—which you can do easily with turmeric and matcha—is a yearly tradition at your house, chances are having egg salad has become somewhat of a tradition, too. Hey, even though your sandwich may be tinted green, you don't want all that perfectly good protein to go to waste, right?

But here's the thing: Sometimes egg salad recipes are downright dull. And it often isn't very healthy either. (It requires how much mayo?) This year, try switching things up with a healthy, upgraded egg salad recipes. These are so delicious that eating your leftovers will be—dare I say—a religious experience.

5 healthy egg salad recipes without all the mayo

low mayo egg salad recipe
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1. Savory and spicy egg salad

If you want your egg salad with a little kick to it, Well+Good Wellness Council member McKel Hill, RDN's recipe will hit just the spot. Made with horseradish, dijon mustard, fresh dill, and fresh chives it has a robust flavor profile. Oh, and there's only two tablespoons of mayonnaise in the whole recipe.

avocado egg salad recipe
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2. Avocado chickpea egg salad

Leftovers + avocado = a creamy, healthy fat bomb for your toast. Besides the eggs, chickpeas also serve as a good protein source in this bite, ensuring you won't be reaching in your Easter basket for candy an hour later. It's also made with Greek yogurt that makes the texture super smooth and satisfying.

mediterranean egg salad
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3. Mediterranean egg salad 

The Mediterranean diet is all the rage these days, haven't you heard? With ingredients like sun dried tomatoes, olives, Greek yogurt, and oregano, it's definitely not the classic egg salad you grew up with. Don't worry, I won't tell your mom if you like this one better.

egg salad with basil
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4. Egg salad with basil

Sometimes, all you need is one really good ingredient to elevate your entire recipe. In this egg salad, that ingredient is basil. The herb freshens the whole dish up with its peppery, slightly licorice taste. The recipe also calls for dijon mustard, which adds another layer to the flavor profile, giving a hint of spice.

cottage cheese egg salad
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5. Cottage cheese egg salad

When it comes to scaling back the mayo, you've probably noticed that Greek yogurt seems to be the pinch hitter in the substitution game. But it isn't the only alternative Cottage cheese works, too, with an extra boost protein. Cottage cheese makes the texture thicker, which helps stretch the ingredients. You're going to want to make this egg salad last!

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