The Healthy Foods 13 Wellness Pros Always Stock at Home

Grocery shopping is one of those things that you think you'll just suddenly figure out as an adult (kinda like outgrowing acne or learning to do your taxes).

But in case you're still getting a handle on it—or are just asking for a friend, take some inspiration from the shopping lists of our handpicked health squad (i.e. Well+Good Council members, including supermodels, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, doctors, and experts of every ilk). Follow their leads next time you place an Amazon, er, Whole Foods order and say goodbye to your sad desk lunch days.

See what 13 health influencers always have in their kitchens.

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Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry's Bootcamp

Ground meat (turkey or pork), fish, eggs, onions, peppers, berries (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries), tomatoes, quinoa pasta, vegan cheese, apples, almond butter, bananas, and cherries.

Sophia Gushee, healthy home expert

Organic whole grains, beans, seeds, seaweed, pasta, natural sweeteners, nut butters, fruits, and vegetables.

Drew Ramsey, MD, psychiatrist and farmer

Raw nuts, lentils, sunflower sprouts, micro kale (adult kale is so 2014), oatmeal, grass-fed yogurt, lemons, sunflower sprouts, celery, carrots, and kombucha.

Jill Blakeway, DACM, acupuncturist and women's health expert

I buy bones from grass-fed cows from my local farm in upstate New York and keep them in the freezer to brew up bone broth. I also always have the following on hand: quinoa, wild rice, Red Boat fish sauce, almond milk, leafy greens, carrots, beets, Jojo's Sriracha, garlic, onions, celery, fresh herbs, lemons, olive oil, coconut oil, and a selection of nuts and seeds.

Lily Kunin, healthy chef and founder of Clean Food Dirty City

Pasture-raised eggs, matcha, nuts, greens, fruit, tahini, lemons, and avocados.

Kimberly Snyder, CN, celebrity nutritionist

Lemons, spinach, salad stuff, red lentils, sprouted rice, ginger, almonds, bananas, dark chocolate, gluten-free wraps, avocados, sprouts, vegan protein powder, chia seeds, bee pollen, frozen acai packets, raw kraut, hemp seeds, broccoli, carrots, and squash.

McKel Hill, RDN, founder of Nutrition Stripped

Kimchi—or fermented veggies—unsweetened almond milk, all the green vegetables, spirulina, and assorted proteins.

Candice Kumai, rockstar healthy chef

Organic miso paste, Sriracha sauce, organic tofu, unsweetened almond milk, Tamari soy sauce, fresh greens, fresh berries, seasonal fruits and veggies, plus champagne.

Lila Darville, sex expert and relationship coach

Sauerkraut, arugula, lemon, and vitamin C.

Norma Kamali, fashion icon with a (healthy) wellness obsession

Olive oil, green tea, sea salt, Redmond Real Salt, turmeric, nuts, and beans—especially chickpeas for protein.

Claire Wasserman, career expert and founder of Ladies Get Paid

Fiber One cereal, frozen strawberries, a big ole hunk of Parmesan cheese, and pink lady apples.

Robin Berzin, MD, functional medicine doctor

Organic extra virgin olive oil, an unsweetened nut milk, almond butter, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, Tamari, mirin, and lemons.

Elle Macpherson, supermodel and co-founder of WelleCo

Fresh almond milk, dark organic chocolate, fresh local organic fruits and vegetables, and organic eggs.

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