Someone Please Just Tell Me, What Do I Eat to Maintain a Healthy Gut?

In our Asking for a Friend series, we’re teaming up with Renew Life®—makers of quality digestive wellness supplements for over 20 years—to answer W+G readers’ most-pressing questions about digestive health. In this edition, we go over which foods you should eat to maintain a healthy gut.

Do you find yourself running—eating, rather—in circles trying to figure out which foods amp up your gut health, while simultaneously running away from the ones that cause digestive discomfort? Because, same.

Some questions that come to mind: Does kombucha cause or combat bloating? Do bananas, er, keep things moving or cause constipation? Is it even possible to eat beans without getting gas? And the list goes on.

Well you’re in luck, my digestively challenged friends. We tapped Nathalie Rhone, RD, to tell us point-blank what the heck to eat to keep our guts in check. So, cancel the random assortment of snacks you have lined up for tomorrow, and opt for these gut-friendly ingredients instead.

Tune in to the video above to learn which foods actually help you reach healthy gut status.

In partnership with Renew Life®

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