9 Healthy Recipes to Take Your Halloween Party to the Next Level

Photo: Unconventional Baker

Whether you've already carved multiple pumpkins or you're still contemplating your costume (save yourself the trouble, and take this quiz), chances are good you've started hashing out Halloween plans by now. And if they involve hosting or attending a party that requires you to bring a treat, skip the candy aisle and opt for making one of these healthy, holiday inspired dishes instead.

Not only are these themed snacks and cocktails totally deserving of a spot on any Pinterest page, they're also made with buzzy add-ins like activated charcoal, turmeric, and beet juice. In other words, no scary ingredients here.

Below, 9 healthy Halloween party recipe ideas that would never get skipped over on the buffet table.

Photo: Oh She Glows

1. 3-Ingredient Apple Bites

It doesn't get much easier than slicing apples and topping them with nut butter. The little vampire teeth (AKA almond slices) are an adorably scary addition.

Photo: Fit Mitten Kitchen

2. Healthier Dairy-Free Dirt Pudding with Strawberry Ghosts

That's an avocado-chocolate pudding lurking under those organic gummy worms and spooky white chocolate covered strawberries. Swear!

Photo: Unconventional Baker

3. Raw Candy Corn Cheesecake

This cashew cheesecake from Unconventional Baker's Audrey Snowe is a project, but it's such a clever take on candy corn, a Halloween classic. Mangoes, turmeric, dried apricots, and carrots give the cake those pretty layers.

Photo: Pure Ella

4. Boolicious Macaroons Halloween Ghosts

These cute little ghosts are vegan, raw, and no-bake. All you need is a blender to mix up the almond flour, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla—and maybe a chopstick to paint on the ghosts' melted chocolate eyes.

Photo: Deliciously Ella

5. Maple and Pecan Halloween Treats

You'll need candy molds to make this healthier take on Halloween chocolate, made with ingredients like roasted maple pecans and raw cacao powder.

Photo: Happy Healthy Life

6. Spooky Franken-Mash Avocado Toasts

This recipe proves there's an avo toast for every season. (Cue Monster Mash.)

Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

7. Vegan Candy Corn

These raw cashew butter treats won't taste exactly like candy corn, but they're a sweet take on the Halloween treat, all the same.

Photo: Naturally Sassy

8. Dracula Blood Lovin' Beet Punch

Juice a couple beets for this festive, ginger-y punch, and use any leftover beet juice as a sub for fake blood while working on your costume.

Photo: Half-Baked Harvest

9. Death Eater Negroni

This cocktail is bound to be a hit with Harry Potter obsessives, and the drink's creepy color comes from so-trendy activated charcoal.

Now that the Halloween party food's handled, next question: What to wear? Vamp it up with pretty witchy makeup, go as a unicorn frappucino, or ransack your athleisure drawer, perhaps.

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