11 Healthy-Home Hacks That Transformed Your Zen Den in 2017

Don't forget about your pets!
You can spend your days drinking delicious green smoothies, hitting up the best boutique fitness classes, and remembering to unplug an hour before bed—but if said bed is always unmade, your smoothie glasses are left to pile up in the sink, and you're washing your Lululemon yoga pants with not-so-clean products, you're probably not fully reaping the benefits of your awesome, healthy efforts.

Having a magazine-spread-worthy living room and a natural-light-filled kitchen isn't as lofty (or pricey!) a goal as you might assume. These easy, healthy hacks will help transform your abode into a cozy, restorative sanctuary of happiness.

Use these 11 tips from 2017 to transform your healthy home

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1. Every home should have a meditation nook

Whether you live in a sprawling farmhouse (lucky!) or a small-but-mighty studio apartment, carving out a nook designed solely for self care could be the secret to maintaining your mental sanity. (And that's definitely true during holiday-season dinners with the fam.)

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2. Your cleaning process only needs two steps, according to Jessica Alba

The actress, entrepreneur, and mom of two (soon to be three!) says getting the whole family involved is one of them.

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3. It's all about texture

A wrinkly linen throw may not sound chic, but try tossing one over the back of your couch. "The slightly rumpled look is an invitation to get comfortable," say Annie Moore, owner and creator of Camellas-Lloret, a bed-and-breakfast in the southwest of France.

SAD Lighting solutions
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4. The right lighting can be magical—and can actually help ward off feelings of depression

Getting specific about your artificial indoor lighting can actually keep darker days of seasonal affective disorder at bay, experts say.

Why you should detox your home
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5. Don't forget: Your home also needs a detox

And that doesn't just mean dusting your blinds once a year or Kondo-ing your closet.

ikea pet collection
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6. Your pets deserve healthy homes too

You remember all that time, energy, and money you put into making sure you have the ideal throw pillows, candles, and bath bombs to help you live your own luxe dreams? Yeah, your pup should get the same treatment—and fortunately, Ikea can help.

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7. What you keep stocked in your pantry can make or break your healthy eating habits

It's no secret that a great way to eat well at home is to keep healthy foods on hand. Hate grocery shopping and list-making? Just copy these ideas from 13 wellness pros.

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8. A solid soundtrack is as important as fresh flowers

Want to up the ambiance in your kitchen and beyond? A fragrant bouquet is nice, but fresh beats will really set the mood.

Incense for every room
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9. Your favorite high school home accessory is officially on trend again—and it's a game changer 

Remember feeling rebellious and trying to convince your parents to let you light incense in your bedroom—right next to that giant poster of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani (#TBT)? Being all grown up means not having to ask permission—and getting to choose from loads of different incense varieties that'll help turn your bedroom into a legit sanctuary.

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10. You can—and should—take control of the air you breathe at home

Humidifiers aren't just essential—they're actually kind of trendy. (And bad air = unhealthy skin.)

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11. You might want to give your laundry room a makeover 

Or at least the chemicals you're using when you're cleaning your clothes. Seriously.

The US is hardly the hygge-iest country in the world—but these salt lamps, candles, and housewares will get you several steps closer to peak Danish coziness. 

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