Take a Look Inside Karen Lord’s Calming Venice Beach Bungalow

If there's anyone you should be taking notes from on how to create the ultimate healthy home, it's Venice, California-based Pilates instructor Karen Lord. After walking up the potted cacti-lined stairs of her airy bungalow and taking a step inside, one thing instantly becomes clear: This rockstar trainer definitely practices what she preaches.

Lord's house is just as calming as she is during her Pilates sessions. The plant-filled oasis has an abundance of natural light, providing the ultimate mood-boost, whether she's playing the guitar or sweating it out in her home studio (sometimes even with her pup!), which comes complete with a reformer and ladder barrel for spine exercises. And instead of filling every kitchen cabinet with plates and mugs, there's one special area reserved for her self-proclaimed supplement addiction.

"It's a healthy addiction," she says. And there are plenty of finds worth adding to your own collection as well. "This Quinton Hypertonic—they're little glass vials, and it's just sea water. When I get my period, I have really intense endometriosis on the first day, and this helps stave off the pain by raising my blood pressure."

As for her bedroom, Lord keeps things extra Zen by drawing the shades and, instead, getting a light glow—and all sorts of loving energy—from rose quartz lamps. With the help of an eye mask and a diffuser for her own special essential oils blend, it's a seriously soothing space. "I put eucalyptus, frankincense, some lavender, and a little bit of citrus so there's some brightening and calming things in there. It's super important to me," she says.

Basically, one look around and you'll want to move in. But by stealing some of her secrets, you can easily create just as tranquil of a space as hers—all you need are some air-cleaning orchids, plenty of crystals, and—most importantly—a happy cat. Purring, says Lord, is the most relaxing sound in the entire world.

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