#BPOTD: This Avocado Oil-Infused Nail File Nixes Chalky Dryness

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Beauty editors have no shortage of skin-care and makeup goodies that come across our desks. So when we become obsessed with something, it says a lot. In our new “Beauty Product of the Day” series (#BPOTD, for short), we wax poetic about the items that are truly game changers for hair, skin, and nails.

I have always imagined that nail files are only sitcom props, used by women chewing gum in offices making snide remarks as they tend to their manicures—not a real life necessity. Unfortunately, I too often find myself in situations where my nail breaks off, and I need a file ASAP in order to shape it so that it doesn't snag on every. single. thing.

The problem with nail files, however, is that the act of whittling down your mani results in dusty, chalky debris that snows all over everything in your immediate space. So the brand Tweezerman just came out with a nail file that's infused with an oil—so you're hydrating your nails as you shape.

And it's not just any oil—the Avocado Duo Set contains avocado oil, AKA everyone's favorite source of fatty acids. This means it hydrates your nails as you even them out, which makes things more gentle and nourishing. The best part? The boost of oil makes for less of a mess to rain down on your desk, lap, and clothing—which is a major win.

Oh, and I didn't mention that the avocado files are actually rocking a super-cute, Instagram-friendly avocado print. So maybe include them in your mani selfie (which may be a first for a nail file).

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