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These Healthy Eats Could Totally Change the Way You Snack


Well+Good EditorsJanuary 12, 2017

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You might consider snacks merely a side hustle to your daily menu. But considering that they’re a necessity when you’re rushing to the office, refueling post-HIIT workout, or munching during binge-watching hours, it’s time to rethink the quality of your snack stash.

Enter Made In Nature, whose grab-and-go eats are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and chock full of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and spices and grains. AKA, snacks that are mindful—so you don’t have to be.

Yup, no label decoding necessary. With a range of offerings from dried fruit, crunchy coconut chips, and fiber-filled energy balls, there are no refined sugars or preservatives allowed. Plus, you can find them in most grocery stores (like Whole Foods and Costco).

We conducted a full taste test and rounded up our faves to bring you a foolproof munching cheat sheet—so you can start your 2017 snack game strong.

Scroll down for our personal picks of top-notch snacks to reach for during your next hunger meltdown.

Photo: Made in Nature
Photo: Made In Nature

Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops

In the mood for something sweet that won’t lead to an afternoon sugar crash? These power-packed energy balls have you covered with juicy figs and healthy fats from coconut. Fuel up with flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Pistachio, and Well+Good editors’ personal fave, the Tart Cherry Fig above.

Photo: Made in Nature
Photo: Made In Nature

Dried Mangoes

No relation to the sugar-encrusted stuff you see in the grocery aisle. These tasty strips are just pure, real mango, sourced from organic farms and sun-ripened into a chewy, satisfying bite made for the trail or post-meeting work breaks.

Photo: Made In Nature
Photo: Made In Nature

Italian Espresso Coconut Chips

If you haven’t tried coconut chips, the time has come. Made from long, curved cuts of coconut (with the rind left on for extra crunch), these crispy chips are a healthier alternative to the potato variety—and this tasty Italian Espresso take is filled with fiber to keep you feeling full.

Photo: Made in Nature
Photo: Made In Nature

Maple Vanilla Coconut Chips

Yes, you definitely need these coconut chips in two flavors. Sweet vanilla and a touch of maple syrup make these extra addictive—and they’ve got no refined sugar, to boot.

Photo: Made in Nature
Photo: Made In Nature

Rosemary Harissa Nut Fusion

This blend packs dried fruit (tart cherries, apricots), crunchy nuts (almonds, cashews), and a mega dose of flavor (spicy-chili harissa, earthy rosemary) into a medley way more creative than your standard snack mix. The result? A load of goodness in one hunger-crushing handful.

Grab all these snacks (plus tons more flavors!) at 

Top photo: Made In Nature

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