How to Make a Healthy Ranch Dressing Because, Sorry, Nobody Wants to Eat Naked Celery

Photo: Show Me The Yummy
Even with an impressive spread of potato salad, chips and guac, and chili, people always seem to circle back to the classic crudités platter. Maybe it's because they subconsciously know that they need to balance out all the other not-so healthy foods with something that actually has fiber. Or maybe they just want something with a satisfying crunch. Have you ever watched someone eat crudités? Let's be real: The draw isn't really the carrots and celery; it's that creamy bowl of ranch dressing in the middle.

Ranch dressing isn't exactly healthy. The store-bought kind is loaded with sodium and hard-to-pronounce additives. But if you make it at home, the condiment is actually be pretty nutrient dense.

Show Me The Yummy bloggers Trevor and Jennifer have perfected a healthy ranch dressing recipe that's completely satisfying. The secret is making it with Greek yogurt, which is full of protein. Their recipe also calls for buttermilk, Dijon mustard, and a few key spices. Don't be overwhelmed at the prospect of actually making something from scratch rather than giving a salad dressing bottle a few good shakes. This whole thing just takes a few minutes to whip up. Head over to Show Me The Yummy to get their healthy ranch dressing recipe.

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