How an Entrepreneur Manages To Prioritize Wellness (for Herself and Her Dog) Even With a Jam-Packed Schedule

When trying to amp up your wellness routine, it can be tempting to jump right to the more advanced stuff, but it's often the basics—hydration, sleep, eating plenty of fruits and veg—that make the biggest difference.

Don't get us wrong, we love a good wellness trend, but besides often being more approachable than the buzziest trend of the moment, the basics are also—usually—easier to fit into your schedule. And for busy entrepreneur Grace Cheng, the founder and CEO of Mylk Labs, that part's crucial.

"No matter how busy I am, I will make sure to squeeze in a workout at least twice during the work week," Cheng says. "It is usually after hours, but as tired as I am, I will still go… and I never regret it!"

Another motivating factor for fitting wellness into her routine? Her 7-year-old Japanese Akita, Suki. "I’ve learned a lot from raising my own fur baby," Cheng says. "Suki is my first, although we’ve had family dogs. At the end of the day, it’s about making sure she is shown enough love, and it forces me to be present in my busy life to enjoy the moments I get with her."

Focusing on being present is her go-to method for not only prioritizing her own well-being, but also Suki's, whose wellness routine includes daily walks, games of tug-of-war, and a nutritious diet. When choosing food for Suki, Cheng's top priority is healthy ingredients—not unlike her approach to Mylk Lab's oatmeal, which is made using plant-based, whole ingredients—and she prefers dog foods with high-quality protein as the first ingredient.

A dog food that's up to her standards? Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Dog Food, which supports digestive well-being and a healthy microbiome, with high-quality protein and other key nutrients.

"It has chicken as the first ingredient, has no preservatives or artificial colors, and has a very well-rounded nutritional profile," Cheng says. "It seems to sit well with Suki’s sensitive stomach, and most importantly, she loves it! She’s a picky eater but she will gobble this up as soon as I serve it." Proof keeping it simple really does pay off.

Want help in creating your own healthy routine for dogs? Here's how Cheng boosts Suki's wellness and her own.

healthy routine for dogs

How she makes wellness happen for Suki

When it comes to a healthy routine for dogs, the basics are important for them too. That means serving lunch and dinner on time, letting them outside for fresh air and bathroom breaks, going on walks, and making sure to give them plenty of scratches throughout the day, Cheng says.

Besides that, she also spends as much quality time with Suki as she can. "If I'm going out to lunch, I’ll actually bring her with me and sit on the patio," she says. "Not only does it make her happy to be able to go out with me, but also she gets a ton of scratches from strangers walking by, and I know she enjoys that."

And by feeding Suki her own lunch of Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Dog Food, she gets to nosh on a delicious dish that provides balanced nutrition to support her overall wellness and help her feel her best. Plus, it contains ActivBiome+, an exclusive blend of prebiotics, whole grain oats, and pumpkin, to keep her belly happy, too.

healthy routine for dogs

How she makes wellness happen for herself

Plenty of walks aren't just beneficial for Suki, they're also one of the ways Cheng squeezes in her own self care, especially during busy weeks. She uses them as short, scheduled breaks from her day-to-day grind, which is something she tries to work in often.

"I usually take breaks by taking Suki outside for a quick pee break, or if I’m stuck at my computer all day, I’ll take her out for a one-hour walk at night," Cheng says. Besides movement, her other top wellness goal is staying hydrated throughout the day, which is just as important for Suki. See? It does come down to the basics—for you and your dog.

Photos: Grace Cheng; Art: Well+Good Creative

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