The People Who Are Happiest With Their Skin Share These 7 Beauty Habits

Although I'm in a pretty happy place with my skin-care routine right now, it's taken years of experimentation in order to get here, and plenty of that experimentation involved watching and copying other people's beauty tricks. If a facialist spilled some skin-care secrets while massaging my face, I'd incorporate them immediately. When a dermatologist told me some little-known beauty intel, it would become gospel. But TBH, some of the best tips I learned were from my peers, AKA fellow women dealing with skin conditions like acne, dryness, sun damage—and the list goes on and on.

Case in point: When I was perusing a Reddit skin-care thread, it became clear that beyond the specific products that each of us uses, forming good beauty habits is key (and man, do Redditors have some good ones to share or what). To help preach good news to all, I pulled out the most glow-inducing ones below.

1. Change pillowcases

One Redditor swears by rotating her pillowcases on the reg—something I definitely forget to do. Her pro tip? Buy 7 pillowcases, and change them every night. "Seriously, my breakouts are 10 times better now," the they write. To make your fresh case last even longer, you can flip your pillow over to the opposite side the next night.

2. Skip harsh detergents

It's been established that hidden acne-causing culprits can lurk in seemingly innocuous household items. Toothpaste and dryer sheets are two prime examples. Another such item? Laundry detergent. "Don't forget to wash with the Free and Clear detergent," one Redditor writes. "My skin hates harsh detergent." Considering some detergents contain sulfates and fragrances that can be irritants, they're definitely onto something.

3. Hydrate when damp

Try applying your moisturizer when your skin's damp: "[I'm] always applying a hydrating product immediately after cleansing, while my face is still a bit damp—usually multiple layers," writes one person (plenty of others chime in noting that they do the same). "Without that, my dehydration-prone skin immediately starts getting flaky and oily." Another calls the habit a "game-changer," since it allows your product to penetrate better.

4. Clean your screens

I never think about it, but my phone is undoubtedly housing loads of dirt and bacteria—which is why some Redditors swear by keeping screens clean. "Incorporating cleaning my glasses and phone into my skin-care routine has made a big difference for me," one person writes. "I keep a cleaning cloth and glasses cleaning spray on my counter and wipe down my glasses and my phone during my wait time between [skin-care] steps. I do this as part of my a.m. and p.m. routines and all of my eyebrow and temple pimples have gone away since I started." Another pro tip? Keep your phone away from your face.

5. Double cleanse

The K-beauty practice of washing your face twice holds true as a staple beauty practice (one I personally do daily). "Double cleansing has completely changed my skin!" says one Redditor. "I use a cleansing balm followed by a foam cleanser. I was really skeptical, but double cleansing—whew! My skin is so much happier!" Others agree, noting that it has cleared up their skin—it helps wipe off every last bit of grime, after all.

6. Be consistent and patient

One thing I've learned over the years is that it's best to stick with a routine and be patient—skin-care products take roughly a month to work. Redditors claim that consistency is key and that it's best to always do their same routines (yes, even when you're tired). "Whether I'm buying new products or trying new things, or having to realize I may have overstepped my use of actives, I need to take a day or two off and know my skin will be better for it," says one Redditor.

7. Check in with a derm

Sometimes it's just best to see a dermatologist for expert guidance. "Having a professional look at my skin and give me recommendations was a big help, and although I already know why I was there (tretinoin), it was also nice to have a professional tell me which steps in my routine were too harsh/probably not helping at all." Another praises their Spironolactone prescription—a pill that regulates hormones to deal with that sort of acne—as saving their skin. And that's something that's cleared up my skin too. "Spiro cleared my sh*t up within two weeks—I now have zero acne and I'm ballin," they write. Same, same.

By the way, here's the low-down on prescription acne medications—sometimes they are life savers. And these are salicylic acid moisturizers to use to help in your acne fight. 

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