A Dietitian Shares the 3-Step Formula for Building the Perfect Healthy Snack

Looking to make your next snack a bit healthier? Here's the fail-proof formula to follow when making your next bite.

If I had to choose between going through the day without my phone or any snacks whatsoever, I would definitely choose to hand over my phone. Texting can wait, but you definitely don't want to deal with me after mid-day hanger starts creeping in.

Before quarantine (#TBT), I used to carefully pre-pack my snacks before heading out the door, but now that my work space is right off the kitchen, it's basically a delicious free-for-all. Choosing a snack that isn't actually filling will just mean wandering over to the kitchen a few minutes later for another snack. And as much as I love snacking, I should probably do some actual work at some point. That's where registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD's healthy snacking tips come in.

In the latest episode of You Versus Food, Beckerman gives her three-step formula for building a healthy and satisfying snack. She recommends following what she calls "the carb-fat-protein rule" for fool-proof healthy snacking. "The carb-fat-protein rule basically means that when you're putting together a meal or a snack, you're getting a carb, a healthy fat, and a protein," Beckerman says. "This combo will help you stay full and satiated." In order for a snack to actually be satisfying and hit the spot, Beckerman insists it has to hit all three of these buckets. If you expected a handful of carrots to fill you up, it's just not going to. But if you pair it with some hummus and guacamole or some cheese (hello, fat and protein!), now that's a different story.

All that said, Beckerman wants everyone to remember not to stress out too much about their eating habits and patterns right now. "Remember to be gentle with yourself," she says. "We know these are hard times, so remember to listen to your body." In other words: if your body needs some comfort food, eat something comforting.

Hungry for more smart snacking tips from Beckerman? Watch the video above for more intel, including snack foods that get her dietitian seal of approval. Happy eating!

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