11 Snacks That Health Pros Rely on for Between-Meal Hunger Emergencies

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Intel straight from our hand-picked health squad of best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and healthy-minded celebs who are leading—and shaking up—the wellness scene.

It can be hard to figure out what exactly constitutes a healthy snack since even coconut oil is sorta on the outs. But before you reach for that bran muffin or Diet Coke, take a cue from certified nutritionists, MDs, and registered dietitians, all of whom are well-versed when it comes to mindful munching in between meals.

Here's what 4 health pros from our Well+Good Council reach for when they're in full stomach-growling mode.

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Kimberly Snyder, CN, celebrity nutritionist

The celeb nutritionist's snack of choice depends on the time of day: In the mornings she'll opt for "an enormous bowl of fruit or a gluten-free avocado and sprout wrap," she says. And in the afternoons, her snack of choice is a power protein smoothie. 

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Robin Berzin, MD, functional medicine doctor

The functional medicine specialist likes to keep things simple when it comes to snacking. Her go-tos? Popcorn or raw, sprouted almonds. 

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McKel Hill, RDN, founder of Nutrition Stripped

Although the registered dietitian nutritionist likes to keep snacking to a minimum, when she does, she goes for "Feel Amazing Fudge, kale chips, hummus and veggies, or avocado."

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Drew Ramsey, MD, psychiatrist and farmer

The psychiatrist (and farmer!) prefers to munch on hummus or almonds in between meals.

You can snack smart even while traveling: Check out the options you can find at gas stations and the ones more wellness pros pack while on the road.

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