These Are the Summer Essentials Wellness Influencers Keep in Their Beach Bags

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Curating the healthy must-haves to stash in your tote for a day trip to the beach isn't as easy as one may think. Which sunscreen actually works? What snacks can withstand the heat? How is your kombucha going to stay cold?! See? The struggle is real.

We asked nine healthy fashion, beauty, fitness, and food influencers to reveal their can't-leave-behind, always-gotta-have-it summer must-haves they can't imagine a beach day without. They've tried and tested a drugstore's worth of options and know what's really worth taking up precious real estate in your cute tote. Read on for their confessions.

Keep reading to see what nine wellness influencers keep in their beach bags.

Kayla in the city
Photo: Instagram/@kaylakleinman

Kayla in the City's Kayla Kleinman

"I'm super fair-skinned, so sunscreen is non-negotiable. I love Coola's spray sunscreen because it's super easy to apply and you don't need to ask a friend to awkwardly rub lotion on your back. Bonus: it smells so so dreamy."

Chips, guac, and cashews
"I never leave the house without a snack in general, but especially when I'm about to spend all day at the beach. My go-tos are single-serve packs of cashews, guacamole, and plantain chips."

Beachy summer read
"I always bring a good book to the beach. Some of my favorite addicting, summery reads: The Vacationers by Emma Straub, Enchanted August by Brenda Bowen, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, and The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand."

Frozen water bottles
"I learned this hack from my parents: Put a water bottle in the freezer the night before you're heading to the beach. It will slowly melt as the day goes on, but your water will stay super cold even after being in the sun all day."

gina from fitnessista
Photo: Instagram/@fitnessista

The Finessista's Gina Harne

A big floppy hat
"I used to soak in the sun, but now that I'm trying to prevent wrinkles as much as possible you'll always see me with a sun hat."

Summer beach read
"When I go to the beach, I prefer fluffy, girly novels. Usually anything by Liane Moriarty will do the trick."

Fruit and bars
"Fresh berries and Perfect Bars are my favorite healthy snacks. The bars are satisfying without being too heavy, plus you get a mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. I'll also usually have a mix of snacks for my daughters, who are two and six, and include a mix of fruit, Annie's gummy bunnies, and mini Clif bars."

Sunscreen and sunless tanner
"I'll coat my entire body in sunscreen, but will often use sunless tanner too. That way, I still get a bit bronze without baking in the sun."

Lip gloss
"My fave is the Beautycounter shimmer gloss!"

miss whoever you are
Photo: Instagram/@misswhoeveryouare

Miss Whoever You Are's Eileen Dautruche

"Supergoop Unseen is the most perfect sunscreen. It doesn’t make you look ashy or chalky. You don’t look greasy and it’s not sticky. I’m very impressed with it."

Hair oil
"I have super curly hair that is also quite dry. I love the Ouai Hair Oil because it’s hydrating without feeling greasy. Plus, it smells amazing. I love anything that will nourish my hair without getting stiff after a dip in the water."

"Sunglasses are essential. I’ve been recently loving the Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lens lately because they're super stylish."

Photo: Kate Gavlik

Vegukate's Kate Gavlic

"MyChelle Sun Protection Sun Shield Liquid SPF50 is super light—not greasy—and provides amazing coverage for my fair skin. I also love that this sunscreen is reef-safe, meaning the ingredients are not harmful to sea life."

Water bottle
"I'm obsessive about hydrating and am constantly sipping on water, so I don't go anywhere without my cute Swell water bottle. To jazz up the taste, I love putting in a slice of lemon and a handful of mint, or a scoop of Vital Protein's Beauty Water for extra flavor."

Protein bar
"Bulletproof's mint chocolate chip collagen bar is my absolute favorite. They're the perfect beach bag snack, as they have 12 grams of protein per serving, and plenty of healthy fats to keep you satiated and feeling energized."

Lip balm
"I'm obsessed with Glossier's Balm Dotcom, and love using it on my lips and any little dry spots. Bonus: it feels soothing on sunburned skin, too."

"My favorite is from Madewell and so cute for wearing to and from the beach."

Seasonal fruit
"You can't go wrong with seasonal fruit right now for the perfect beach snack. Watermelon and organic berries are incredibly hydrating and fiber-rich, and the lycopene in watermelon may even help prevent sun damage."

An avocado
"Because hello, healthy fats! I'm that girl who always has a purse avocado on hand. Bring a reusable spoon to scoop out all the goodness."

the golden girl
Photo: Instagram/@jesskeys_

The Golden Girl's Jess Keys

The bag itself
"I recently picked up this raffia tote from Nordstrom that I'm bringing with me to Positano. It fits an overwhelming amount of stuff, plus, it folds completely flat and is packable—the biggest flaw with most beach bags."

"I am a huge fan of Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. I apply it to my face before heading to the beach–it's completely clear and acts as a primer. Then I throw their sunscreen mist in my bag, making reapplication a breeze. Plus, it has a light rosemary scent which is a nice pick-me-up."

Cheap sunnies
"If you're not the kind to risk dropping your favorite designer sunnies in the ocean, Amazon sells so many cute pairs. I just got these cat-eyes for $9.99!"

Wine tumblers
"Perhaps the most exciting of all are my Goverre wine tumblers. They're like sippy cups for adults! They have a drink-through lid that won't spill if you tip it over, and do a great job of keeping your rosé cold."

Turkish towel
"I love Turkish towels because they roll up into nothing and don't take up all the room in your beach bag. They also happen to be way cuter. My favorite are from online shop White Elephant Designs, which were on sale for only $38."

SPF lip balm
"How many times have you opened your favorite chapstick on the beach to find a melted mess? This is my biggest pet peeve, so I always look for a lip balm that comes in a squeezable tube so that it won't melt all over. Supergoop makes a great one with SPF, and I also love Rosebud Salve—just make sure you put SPF on separately."

Minimal leather flip flops
"I can't stand rubber flip flops. Not only do they give you blisters, but it's hard to find a pair that doesn't look tacky. I much prefer a pair of minimalistic leather flip flops–they won't rub, and they look much more classy."

moms kitchen handbook
Photo: Instagram/@momskitchenhandbook

Mom's Kitchen Handbook's Katie Sullivan Morford

The bag itself
"My Millie Lottie tote makes an ideal beach bag since it has an insulated liner along the bottom that helps keep foods and drinks cold and protects the bag from wet towels and suits."

Hydrating fruits and veggies
"I like to pack watermelon, cucumbers, jicama, and other fresh produce that have a high water content. They're super refreshing on a hot day, particularly if I pack them with plenty of ice."

A wide-brimmed sun hat
"Taking a long walk on the beach is how I get my exercise on beach days. A hat with a big brim is a must for when I get out from under the shade of a beach umbrella."

A glass water bottle
"I prefer a glass water bottle, such as the ones made by Lifefactory, for staying hydrated on beach days. I usually fill it with water, but sometimes opt for green iced tea or coconut water."

Frozen yogurt tubes
"My kids love to hit the ice cream shack at the beach, but so many of the offerings are full of artificial ingredients and loads of sugar. Instead, I'll give them yogurt tubes, such as the ones made by Stonyfield Farms or Siggi's.

lush to blush
Photo: Instagram/@lushtoblush

Lush to Blush's Megan Elliott

Beach towel
"First things first, you have to have a good beach towel. I love printed beach towels because I tend to gravitate towards solid swimsuits, so it balances out perfectly. My current fave is anything by Laurie Duncan. How cute is her work?!"

"Nothing is more important than protection when it comes to a good beach day, and no other moisturizer compares to the lightweight feel of Olay Whip 25. Unlike most SPF moisturizers, it's not greasy or drying at all. It leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated while providing protection from the sun."

Bluetooth speaker
"Whether you're heading to the beach or the pool, it's essential to create that fun, carefree atmosphere. What better way to do that than playing your favorite music? Seriously, I never go to the beach or pool without a speaker."

"Of course one of the first things you reach for when going out in the sun is sunglasses, but when I go to the beach, I always make sure it's not an expensive pair so I don't have to worry about losing them in the ocean or scratching them up with sand."

Beach read
"If you're heading to the beach by yourself, it's the perfect time for an easy beach read. Some of my latest favorites are Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson and Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties by Camille Pagan.

"This is the most essential beach bag must-have. I bring mine in a reusable bottle that keeps it cool. Hydration is key for beach days and having a cute bottle doesn't hurt!"

Fit Bottomed Girls
Photo: Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls's Jennipher Walters

"My favorite sunscreen is by Coola because it's organic, all-natural, and feels really good on."

Water bottle
"The water bottle I take to the beach is giant. Hey, you have to stay hydrated!"

Big floppy hat
"Not only do big, floppy hats look cute and super beachy, they really provide great sun protection too."

Microfiber yoga towel
"I use a LEUS microfiber yoga towel for hot yoga, but it also works well when drying off after a swim or as a place to sit on the beach."

Workout clothes
"I always pack sneakers, socks, and a sports bra in my beach tote—just in case I want to get a quick run in."

garner style
Photo: Instagram/@garnerstyle

Garner Style's Chastity Garner

Portable cooler
"My Yeti comes on all my beach trips with me. It keeps beverages cool while my friends and I soak up the sun."

Body Luminizer
"I am so into my Rihanna Fenty Body Lava right now. It makes my tan glisten even after the sun goes down."

"I literally coat my face with SPF 50. It's important to protect it!"

Portable Bluetooth speaker
"I bring along my Beats Pill to keep the tunes rolling oceanside."

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